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Add to Home Screen WordPress Plugin

Hi! I'm happy to share with you my WordPress plugin called Add to Home Screen WP. This plugin is based on the awesome Add to Home Screen script by Matteo Spinelli from Cubiq.org. This script places a floating balloon the user to add your website inviting to home screen of its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It's a very nice function knowing the fact that few people know that they can add a website to the home screen as any iPhone or iPad application.

The ultimate guide to opening and growing your restaurant

Here is a course that allows you to become aware of the issues linked to the digitalization of catering, and to the foodtechization of the hotel industry in general. Don’t hesitate to share it, but remember to notify me 😉

Course: Social Media explained to everyone

Free and open course: Introduction to Social media and social networks.

Summary of Social Media course that I taught at the Sup de Pub communication school (INSEEC Group). Learn how current social media works, and how to implement your own Social Media strategy to generate buzz, improve your online visibility and grow your business.

BuddyPress: how to remove rich text on xprofile text area

Here is a little trick for BuddyPress to remove the rich text functionalities of the editor from the xProfile text areas, like bio field for example. Add this custom code to bp-custom.php to disable the rich text:

BuddyPress Tip: How to Remove Visual Editor from Text Profile Fields

A little tip that I share with you and which is very useful on BuddyPress installations: it consists of removing the right of users of your social network to use the “rich text feature” (which includes italics, bold, etc.) in “multi-line” profile fields, such as the famous “about me” field.


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New shorts on Blooness 👉 Loss of #weight, gain of #muscle, #health and #longevity, the ultimate guide on optimal #protein intake in a Mediterranean diet is online. See you at https://buff.ly/3R6Se8N

Updated Post: Dior and the John Galliano scandal: a textbook case in crisis communications https://buff.ly/3SQQHo8

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