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WP Alternative Post Title: a plugin to create a teaser title in WordPress

Hello everyone! Here I share with you my latest WordPress plugin, entitled WP Alternative Post Title.

This is a plugin that I dug up from the WordPress plugin directory, but it was dated and no longer updated. I retyped it and above all I hope to have time to make it evolve.

Basically, I was looking to display on the homepage and archive page of a news blog alternative titles for certain articles, which are different from the real titles.

The idea is not to “reveal” the title of the article on the home page, in order to to attract the reader's attention, without affecting SEO, since behind, the article includes its real title optimized for SEO.

Thus, this extension will allow you to do teasing on certain posts, in order to push the visitor to view the article. Indeed, nowadays, people consume news and blogging in an ultra-accelerated way, without really taking the time to read. Internet users read the headlines, the extracts, and get their idea of your news, which is sometimes incorrect

This extension therefore consists of arouse the reader's curiosity, by offering an attractive title, without having to place the famous keywords required for Google and social networks.

This is a bit like what news portals like Yahoo do, when they headline for example: “You will never guess who is behind this photo”. I took a deliberately sensational example, but the idea is not to practice “clickbait” either, but simply to entertain the reader by offering them mysterious or entertaining titles, as long as this is not abusive.

Here is a clear example in images, which I made for one of the “news & people” sites on which I work. On the first screenshot, the title is seductive (the subject is a bit seductive too, I grant you), and pushes readers to be interested in the person we highlight in this post:

And on the second screenshot, the answer to the question asked on the home page appears. We thus learn who this lady is, who turns out to be the Finnish Prime Minister, whose country has distinguished itself with good statistics in its fight against COVID-19 (hence the media coverage of this lady, until now little famous outside Finland):

Using this extension is very simple, you just have to install it, and Under the text editor you will find a field where you can write your alternative title.

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WP Alternative Post Title

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