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Discover Smiirl, the Real-Time Facebook and Instagram Like Counter

Increase your visibility by displaying the number of likes and followers in real time and check your flow with Smiirly, the new social media counter, accurate to the nearest second. What is it? How to use it? Why use it? Here comes our focus on the must-have product among

BuddyPress: Add All Countries to Your Custom Profile Field

Here is a code that all social network owners built with BuddyPress have been impatiently waiting for. A function which allows you to add all the countries in the world at once, rather than doing it manually, in a field entitled “Country” and in which the member of your network can select their country.

WordPress: display users by registration date

Here is a very useful WordPress extension for those who manage WordPress sites with regularly registered members – particularly under BuddyPress – and who need to see who the latest registered members are.

The new GMAIL is out, here's what's changing

Google announced it some time ago, new version of Gmail was going to see the light of day, and the most curious could already activate it in advance, before this new interface was imposed on everyone.

SEO tip: beware of automatic redirection based on browser language!

Are you using the WPML extension on your WordPress blog and have you activated automatic redirection according to your visitor's language? Then this advice will save you! Indeed, redirects based on the language of your visitor's browser are penalized in the Google index. Worse still, you won't even be able to run advertising campaigns on Google Ads!

Advertising on Facebook Ads for a dating site: how to do it?

Are you getting into the business of sites or apps or dating? This little guide that I am taking the time to write for you today will help you promote your dating solution. Because once your site is online and is ready to defeat Tinder and other Meetic, you still need to make it known! And Facebook Ads represents a good opportunity, but fraught with pitfalls.

Plugins to turn your WordPress or BuddyPress into a native app for iPhone and Android

Hello everyone ! Today I will list you the best plugins or themes that will allow you to enhance your WordPress, and possibly your social network BuddyPress. The interest of this process and of transforming your website into real native application available on the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store. The interest? Benefit from the audience of these marketplaces, and offer your visitors a mobile-friendly user experience.

PWA: definition and interest

PWA is the abbreviation for a progressive web app, that is to say an application-type environment accessible from a mobile browser without going through an application store.

Tutorial: launch Google Chrome in full screen when starting Windows 10

For a brand, I needed to display an HP tablet running Windows 10. The idea being to display a web page for commercial purposes, the brand's staff had to be able to turn on the computer or tablet and that the web page automatically launches in full screen on Google Chrome.


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