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WP Alternative Post Title, a WordPress plugin to show a different title on homepage for your posts

Hi there!

I'm happy to share with you a new WordPress plugin called WP Alternative Post Title.

With this plugin, you will be able to display two different titles for your post.

One will be displayed on the post page – it will be the real one – while the other one will be used on the homepage, the categories, tags and archives, as a kind of teasing and alternative post title.

This may help to improve your click rate conversion from your homepage to your content via a nice call to action that attract readers, without affecting your real post titles for SEO.

In fact, it allows you to captivate interest of your readers by teasing them about the story you have posted on your blog, and encouraging them to open it, without telling them a lot of about the real content.

The double interest of this plugin is that you will be able to tease your readers in one hand, and on the other hand, you will not affect your SEO at all, because you will be able to optimize your real post title with all the information that search engines and social media require to authenticate your content.

But be fair, do not abuse of clickbait titles! Use this extension wisely just in order to increase curiosity of your readers. That's it!

Here is an example of this plugin in action. On the homepage, you have this title post, that ask a question that we can translate by “Who is this awesome woman?” »:

And then you have the answer of the question, when you click on the post, and discover the story of this exceptional political woman:

You just have to type your alternative title below the text area in the post editor, and save your post!

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WP Alternative Post Title

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