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I tested the eS3 and eS Pro electric scooter from Askoll

Askoll is an Italian brand that makes its debut in the sector of urban mobility. With the ES3, the brand has taken a step forward in the electric scooters. Based on its predecessor the ES2, this new electric moped seems to gain in performance and endurance.

Professional life

Bellroy backpack: the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality

As an entrepreneur, digital nomad or simply city dweller on the move, find the ideal backpack is a quest as complex as it is crucial. Until now, we have seen almost all styles come and go, until the advent of the famous Rains backpack which has gone from an avant-garde bag to a completely mainstream fashion accessory now.

Personal development

The best ideas germinate in the shower

Many entrepreneurs, managers and even artists, creators or DIYers sometimes have a failure of inspiration. Blank page syndrome. The anxiety of the creative routine.


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Updated Post: Dior and the John Galliano scandal: a textbook case in crisis communications https://buff.ly/3SQQHo8

New shorts on Blooness 👉 Acute stress makes us stronger, but small chronic stress kills us. #hormesis #longevity

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