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BuddyPress: how to remove rich text on xprofile text area

Here is a little trick for BuddyPress to remove the rich text functionalities of the editor from the xProfile text areas, like bio field for example. Add this custom code to bp-custom.php to disable the rich text:


BuddyPress Tip: How to Remove Visual Editor from Text Profile Fields

A little tip that I share with you and which is very useful on BuddyPress installations: it consists of removing the right of users of your social network to use the “rich text feature” (which includes italics, bold, etc.) in “multi-line” profile fields, such as the famous “about me” field.

BuddyPress: Add All Countries to Your Custom Profile Field

Here is a code that all social network owners built with BuddyPress have been impatiently waiting for. A function which allows you to add all the countries in the world at once, rather than doing it manually, in a field entitled “Country” and in which the member of your network can select their country.


Plugins to turn your WordPress or BuddyPress into a native app for iPhone and Android

Hello everyone ! Today I will list you the best plugins or themes that will allow you to enhance your WordPress, and possibly your social network BuddyPress. The interest of this process and of transforming your website into real native application available on the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store. The interest? Benefit from the audience of these marketplaces, and offer your visitors a mobile-friendly user experience.


Buddypress: link the miniature avatar to the full-size image

If there is one thing that I am often asked to personalize on a social network built with the CMS Buddypress, that’s good avatar management. Indeed, there is on the one hand the fact that the avatar always links to the page already open, which is in itself useless, and on the other hand its size, which cannot be easily customized for a non- initiated.


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