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I tested the eS3 and eS Pro electric scooter from Askoll

Askoll is an Italian brand that makes its debut in the sector of urban mobility. With the ES3, the brand has taken a step forward in the electric scooters. Based on its predecessor the ES2, this new electric moped seems to gain in performance and endurance.

10 changes in management and recruitment

We are experiencing a period of transition in the world of work, marked by the advent of web 2.0 and collaborative information systems. Consequently, the avenues mentioned below can be useful to you whether for recruiting or being recruited, but also for managing your career, entrepreneurship, imagining new solutions for your colleagues or simply understanding the world around you.

Business and entrepreneurship: why we should not confuse quality control and compliance with standards with the desired objective

I will take advantage of some real examples that I have been confronted with recently to discuss my opinion on the disproportionate allocation of resources to quality control and respect for “norms” (which sometimes only have norms in name), and which often results in the dispersal of human efforts and the defocusing of the main objective of an entity, whether it is a company, an association, etc.

Create a website for an SME/VSE

What web strategy opt for one SMEs / TPE ? What kind of site create and why do ? How to take advantage of your online presence ? I will try to give you some answers, while keeping a relatively high level of abstraction because it is above all general help relating to the methodology and not a technical guide strictly speaking.

Bellroy backpack: the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality

As an entrepreneur, digital nomad or simply city dweller on the move, find the ideal backpack is a quest as complex as it is crucial. Until now, we have seen almost all styles come and go, until the advent of the famous Rains backpack which has gone from an avant-garde bag to a completely mainstream fashion accessory now.

Treasury: create a management dashboard using Dext and Zapier

When you manage a VSE, an SME or even a self-employed business, and you have to juggle a lot of costs (fixed, variable, supplier, exceptional costs, etc.), it is not necessarily easy to find your way around in terms of cash flow management.

The best ordering terminal solutions for restaurants

Order terminals have invaded fast food concepts, with more or less effective and more or less adapted solutions. To better navigate the jungle of ordering terminals, here is a quick overview of existing solutions, their advantages and their weaknesses, based on my humble experience in the catering field.

Website and print: 5 tips for choosing and combining the right colors

Whether for a designate/beginner webmaster or for a business who writes his specifications, the choice of colors of a website, a flyer, a business card, a poster or a brochure is a decisive and central exercise, both in terms of ergonomics and user experience than that of the marketing. So we will see how to choose good colors depending on the theme addressed by your website or your print and the intended target. You will see that nothing should be left to chance at this level, otherwise your communication would lose credibility.

Definition of a troll and how to get rid of them

Managing comments on a blog or a product can quickly end in a shoot 'em up game. I will explain to you first of all how to keep calm in this type of situation, but above all how to manage a crisis situation.


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