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Tutorial: launch Google Chrome in full screen when starting Windows 10

For a brand, I needed to display an HP tablet running Windows 10. The idea being to display a web page for commercial purposes, the brand's staff had to be able to turn on the computer or tablet and that the web page automatically launches in full screen on Google Chrome.

Productivity: make a shared weekly or monthly schedule using Google Sheets

Here is a tutorial that will allow you to create, manage and update a shared schedule using Google Sheets. The idea is to create an extremely simple schedule for the week on Google Sheets, then submit this schedule to your team and be notified of their confirmation at the scheduled times.

Script: send emails via Google Sheets

Here's a new tip for Google Sheets, allowing you to quickly send predefined emails from a spreadsheet. This little feature will save you time and productivity, since it will save you from having to type your emails manually, especially when they are recurring and boring emails linked to your managerial or operational activity.

Google Sheets: Use the IMPORTRANGE function to share part of a spreadsheet

Here's a little tip for sharing a portion of a document with Google Sheets, without having to share the entire document with your collaborators. I personally needed this function in order to share the schedule of each of my colleagues, without them having access to the overall schedule. I wanted everyone to be able to see theirs.

Migrate a WordPress blog from a multisite network to an individual installation

Sometimes we need to extract a WordPress blog from a multisite network in order to give it a clean, standalone installation. This happens in particular when the blog in question requires too much customization, it no longer fits into your multisite network, or simply because you want to pass it on or sell it to someone.

Social Media Trends and digital innovations after 2014

What practices will occupy the social space in 2014? Which digital innovations will create a buzz? Which social networks are on the rise? Like every year, everyone has their own prediction. Here is a medley of what was said on the subject!

Twitter: key figures, statistics and behavior

In the space of a few years, Twitter has established itself as one of the most popular and, above all, the most impactful social media. Indeed, if the number of active users on Twitter is estimated at only 180 million (out of a total of 500 million users), this social network is considered an essential media for multiple reasons.

Should you apply for a job during the summer?

Many people think that the summer period, like that of the end-of-year holidays, is absolutely not conducive to professional applications. I will tell you bluntly: this is completely false ! So, why don't you take advantage of the last days of August to find your new job?

Shanghai University Rankings 2012

In addition to being a very important day for Catholics, August 15 has also for several years been the date of the publication of the famous Shanghai Ranking of World Universities. Don't dream, this edition only confirms what we already knew, namely the undivided domination of the Anglo-Saxons in this field since they take the first 12 places. Obviously note that the Americans are the big winners, taking 17 of the first twenty places and monopolizing the entire podium. In fact, the Shanghai ranking it's a bit like the Olympic Games, everyone participates, but it's always the Americans who win and France has to settle for seventh or eighth place...

Facebook in turmoil since its IPO

While we promised the sparkling Mark Zuckerberg a bright future, in particular thanks to the IPO of the most famous social network, it seems that the clouds are gathering above his head and the Palo Alto firm. Indeed, since the catastrophic IPO, including a loss in share value of nearly 50% and the results which are relatively disappointing, it is not clear how Facebook could get out of this slump, at least in the short term...


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