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Liborgate: towards one scandal too many for the banks?

Have you ever heard of “liborgate” ? Not yet ? It would be time to get up to date because it is financial scandal who will occupy the banks throughout the summer and even after... I advise you to take advantage of your vacation, if you are lucky enough to have one, because in my humble opinion, there are some who will have a painful awakening!

These companies that students love

Like every year, we recently had the right to the endless prize list for everything and anything. To believe that our fellow human beings cannot separate things if they do not have one or more rankings under the eyes. Take a weekly newspaper at random, you can be sure that it will contain at least one, whether it's about schools or universities, or about hospitals and clinics.

The best excuses for “skipping” work

Who has never wanted one morning, particularly Monday, to stay at home rather than go to work ? Rest assured, it is relatively common and I would even go so far as to say that it is almost universal... Once again, our American friends are among the best in the world in this area as revealed by a recent study by Wakefield. Research carried out for Citrix, a specialist in IT technologies.

Specify cookie expiration time (or delete them) from WordPress comments

Below WordPress, THE cookie expiration time stored on the computer of the Internet user who commented your blog is extremely long (approximately a year). There are several reasons why a blogger might want to reduce this timeout, starting with improving performance and the desire to have faster page loading. Indeed, one of the pet peeves of bloggers who use the plugin for example W3 Total Cache is the famous mention “Cookie is rejected”, which causes the no caching of pages. In fact, the site is no longer hidden from Internet users who have commented on articles.
Cookies are used to store information about the commentator, which allows them in particular not to fill in the “nickname”, “email” and “website” fields for each comment. If this option is useful for active commenters, it is much less useful for those who comment rarely, and who find themselves deprived of a cache.
So, for reduce cookie expiration time for commenters, and allow pages to be hidden even for an Internet user who has left a comment on your blog, here is a little hack to add to your sacrosanct functions.php.
[icon style=”chain” color=”red”]functions.php[/icon]
add_filter('comment_cookie_lifetime', 'my_comment_cookie_lifetime');
function my_comment_cookie_lifetime($lifetime) {
return 259200;
And there you have it, thanks to this little piece of code, you set the cookie expiration time to 259,200 seconds, or 72 hours!
Thanks to Shibashake, where you will find other tips related to W3 Total Cache.
Update :
Since the new EU cookie standards, you are required to have your visitors' permission to store "non-essential" cookies. To avoid pop-ups and other unwanted requests which – let’s face it – are more annoying for the user than the cookie itself, here is a way to delete cookies used to store commentator information:
remove_action( 'set_comment_cookies', 'wp_set_comment_cookies' );
Obviously add to your functions.php file. Also useful for optimizing your cache!

How to customize the comment cookie expiration time in WordPress

In WordPress, the default how to cookie expiration time is up to 30,000,000 seconds. That's very long, especially for bloggers who are using cache plugins like W3 Total Cache. In fact, this plugin is not caching pages for visitors who have left comments on your blog, because of cookies, and until the cookie is cleared the plugin informs that cookie is rejected.
If you want to reduce the comment cookie expiration time, you have to play with the comment_cookie_lifetime filter in your functions.php file. You can set the expiration time you want, I thing 259 200 seconds in this example.
[icon style=”chain” color=”red”]functions.php[/icon]
add_filter('comment_cookie_lifetime', 'my_comment_cookie_lifetime');
function my_comment_cookie_lifetime($lifetime) {
return 259200;

Feedburner removes Socialize feature: how to retrieve it?

As you can see, Google Feedburner has removed Socialize feature from its left menu on Feedburner account. Webmasters and bloggers hope that it's not a permanent change because this tool is very useful for those who want to link their RSS feed to their Twitter account.
The link has been removed, but hopefully not the feature: you can access to Socialize settings by typing this URL on your toolbar address:
Just change “XXXXXXXXXXXXX” by your own ID, that you can retrieve on toolbar address when browsing options of your feed in your Feedburner account.

How to find the Socialize option on Feedburner

Here is a small trick quickly to find the option “ Socialize " In Feedburner, which literally disappeared from the menu! If you are a user of Feedburner, you must have noticed like me that the page “ Socialize", which allowed link your Feedburner account to your Twitter account has simply disappeared from the Feedburner menu. And like me, you must have spent a good quarter of an hour clicking everywhere to find it, thinking that the problem came from you and not from Feedburner. I reassure you immediately: it is Feedburner which has obviously removed the Socialize page.
Is this the logical continuation of their strategy of conquering social media through Google+? After removing the tweets from Google's search results (which allowed me to find very fresh news), Google - owner of Feedburner and whose unofficial slogan is "Don't be evil" - continues- to cut ties with Twitter?
No word on whether the Socialize option link will return in the future. In the meantime, the option still works for those who had set it up and, fortunately, the link to Socialize is still accessible from the address bar of your browser, by typing this:

Buddypress: link the miniature avatar to the full-size image

If there is one thing that I am often asked to personalize on a social network built with the CMS Buddypress, that’s good avatar management. Indeed, there is on the one hand the fact that the avatar always links to the page already open, which is in itself useless, and on the other hand its size, which cannot be easily customized for a non- initiated.

WordPress tip: put images in the RSS feed

Here is a very simple code which will allow you to insert your featured image in your RSS feed, so that, when you relay your feed on a social network like Facebook for example, the image can accompany the title and the presentation of your post.

Change WordPress Default Email Address

Here is a little tip which concerns the bloggers who use the WordPress CMS. By default, WordPress uses the email «  » and the name “WordPress” to send some notifications to users. This little piece of code will improve the wp_mail function of WordPress and let you personalize the sender email and name.


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