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BuddyPress: how to remove rich text on xprofile text area

Here is a little trick for BuddyPress to remove the rich text functionalities of the editor from the xProfile text areas, like bio field for example. Add this custom code to bp-custom.php to disable the rich text:

BuddyPress Tip: How to Remove Visual Editor from Text Profile Fields

A little tip that I share with you and which is very useful on BuddyPress installations: it consists of removing the right of users of your social network to use the “rich text feature” (which includes italics, bold, etc.) in “multi-line” profile fields, such as the famous “about me” field.

Our best ideas come in the shower

Many of us, entrepreneurs, managers, artists, creators and do-it-yourselfers are sometimes lacking inspiration. Blank page syndrome. The anxiety of a creative routine.

The best ideas germinate in the shower

Many entrepreneurs, managers and even artists, creators or DIYers sometimes have a failure of inspiration. Blank page syndrome. The anxiety of the creative routine.

Why you need to see the film “Not his type” with Émilie Dequenne

Are you a sensitive person?

You have to appreciate this scene from start to finish, without looking away. If you succeed, and the hairs on your forearms suddenly stand on end, you will enter a very closed community of hypersensitive people, emulated by the tears of a lunar and breathtaking Emilie Dequenne.


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New shorts on Blooness 👉 Relaunch libido, in bulk -> Sun, vitamin D, keto-Mediterranean diet, proteins, books, banter, walking, HIIT, and no hypocalorie diet.

New shorts on Blooness 👉 Improve your sleep -> expose yourself to light in the morning, limit sunglasses, wet your shirt during sports, drink decaf, eat maximum 3 hours before sleeping, take a digestive walk and take some melaton

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