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How to manage your restaurant's stocks: test and review of the Koust solution

I have been using the Koust solution for several years now, which is roughly Inpulse's competing solution (more AI-focused, even if Koust seems to be catching up on this aspect), and as many restaurateur colleagues ask me how I manage stocks between the different establishments for which I work, this article in the form of a “crash test” will constitute a sort of answer.

Lumen, the app to control your metabolism and lose weight peacefully

And if a connected object could help you losing weight quickly and with complete peace of mind? A digital object which would be both easy to use, ergonomic and efficient? A technological innovation which, just through your breath, would advise you on dietary matters and help you eat better? It is the promise of Lumen.me, the connected object that will help you analyze your metabolism, in order to stay in shape.

Home meal delivery: towards a polarization of the offer?

After the advent of home meal delivery pushed by the health crisis, the home delivery market seems to encounter some snags from the point of view of certain restaurateurs. The multiplication of supply in the face of not necessarily very mature demand, the return of customers to stores and the economic crisis are possible explanations for the drop in volumes.

Nespresso Momento test: a mixed result

On paper, everything suggested a superb experience with the Nespresso Momento, a connected coffee machine dedicated to catering and hotel professionals. But since I opted for this machine, I have gone from technical problems to disillusionment.

Credit insurance in 7 questions

You have good relationships with your suppliers. Despite tense negotiations on prices, they were always flexible on payment terms and allowed you to give your cash flow breathing room when it needed it. Until one day your partner calls you and demands cash on delivery, which has never happened before. When you ask him why, he explains that you are no longer covered by credit insurance. You had never heard of it until then.


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