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Withings Body: the best connected scale to control your weight like a pro

When I interested in nutrition several years ago, the first two products I bought were the Withings Body connected scale, and the Withings Steel HR connected watch, which moreover go hand in hand and can work together.

Far from being simple gadgets, these two connected objects have accompanied me on a daily basis, both in terms of my weight loss and in terms of monitoring my health markers.

Better yet, I had offered the Withings ScanWatch connected watch to a loved one, it is the watch which is equipped with an oximeter, therefore a sensor which indicates the oxygen level, which allowed him to follow this oxygen marker. of capital importance when he had the flu.

But back to the bathroom scale. The Withings Body that I am going to present to you here is a perfect connected scale in every way in my opinion. This is my product test and my real review of the Withings Body scale, this is NOT a sponsored article.

Despite its classic appearance, this smart scale can really help you lose weight quickly and effectively.

Connected to your WiFi and your smartphone, this scale provides, in addition to the weight, additional information that you cannot obtain from a traditional bathroom scale. Used alone or combined with other connected objects, Withings Body has significant benefits for your health.


An effective weight loss assistant

Equipped with patented Position Control technology, the Withings Wifi Body scale allows you to obtain precise information on your weight and body composition. As soon as you step on it, it immediately displays your weight, your fat mass, your muscle mass, your bone mass as well as the percentage of water contained in your body. Your scale also saves all your data to the Health Mate app to help you reach your goals.

From 18 to 11kg of body fat

A smart bathroom scale

By accessing more precise information about your body composition, you know exactly which activity to favor and/or which diet to adopt to lose weight. This same data is also displayed in the form of a graph on your Withings application (free on iOS and Android), so as to show you the line not to cross in order to remain in a “zone of normality”. Incidentally, you can also define your ideal weight and your scale will show you the best path to take.

A well-supervised diet

What's more important than staying healthy despite a restrictive diet? Thanks to the Withings application (formerly Health Mate), you access an overview of your state of health every morning, just by stepping on your scale.

An ultra-connected scale

Do you need more comprehensive monitoring of your health on your Smartphone? Withings Body is fully compatible with more than 100 fitness and health applications, in addition to Health Mate which is dedicated to it. You are therefore spoiled for choice when it comes to connecting your scale to the food tracking application that suits you (MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, Runtastic, Lose It! or Runkeeper). You even have the option to synchronize Health Mate with the Apple Health app and integrate an application for Apple Watch.

A unique scale for the whole family

Many of you want to lose weight at home? No need to buy a scale for each member of the family, Body Withings is capable of tracking multiple users. It even includes a “baby” mode and a “pregnancy” mode. In addition, you also receive local weather forecasts at each weigh-in.

Learn more about Withings products directly on their site.


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