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Combo, the best solution to put an end to the headache of planning and HR management

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As some people know, I am the manager of a brand with several different premises in Paris, which involves the organization of several employees spread across the different points of sale.

Between weekly rests, delays, sick leave and other possible surprises, I really don't have enough time to deal with problems related to personnel management.

So I had to look for different HR, planning and presence management solutions, and Combo, formerly Snapshift, was ultimately the solution I chose. The others are very good too, but I found that Combo had great responsiveness and very affordable prices for small businesses like mine.

Here is a short summary of what this solution offers so that you no longer waste time organizing schedules, drafting different contracts or even managing unforeseen events.

Note: This test is part of a comparison of planning and working time solutions that you will find by following this link the summary here, and the article is in the contents of my white paper on the launch and development of a restaurant brand.

A professional tool for professionals

Combo is a digital tool that meets the requirements of all restaurateurs and managers, whether it is a coffee, A hotel or one restaurant. Whether you are the head of a brand with multiple operating locations or the manager of a single point of sale, this does not change the practical side of this application.

In fact, Combo allows you to waste less time on administrative tasks. The objective with this type of tool is to stay focused on your core business, and to gain productivity.

In addition, Combo provides a very well-stocked library of articles which allows you to learn the functionalities of the application and to learn a whole lot of things about HR management. Finally, support is super responsive and will respond quickly via the chat available in the manager area.

Simple and customizable features

If you work in the restaurant industry like me, you will quickly notice that classic management methods like schedule tables on loose sheets, or even Excel are now outdated these days.

With Combo, you have all the information about your employees immediately listed online. You are then free to plan their hourly volume individually to check, for example, missing hours.

Better yet, by indicating your turnover in the application, you can also plan the volume of hours available according to payroll.

Employees, for their part, can consult their schedule directly on Combo. They can also indicate their availability, exchange shifts between them in the event of an unforeseen event or even submit a leave request.

The application organizes everything automatically with a simple click, at the end of the month, in order to generate the file which will allow your accountant to produce the pay slip for each employee.

A table top trimmer

To avoid misunderstandings with your employees about the length of their shifts, their possible delays, and their absences, Combo provides you with what they call a “margineuse”, which is equivalent to a time clock, but more modern, on Tablet.

The employee only has to clock in, sign, a photo is taken (in agreement with the CNIL) and attendance is thus completely controlled! This is of course a completely optional option.

A turnkey solution that makes the manager’s work easier

This application will allow you as a manager to strengthen collaboration with your partners and employees. An essential interaction which will enhance the role of each person in the company, promote internet communication and strengthen team spirit within the group.

You will be able to organize work while respecting social law, by keeping a personnel register directly in Combo, by generating contracts and amendments, by entering any bonuses, electronic signatures and DPAE.

Finally, Combo will allow accounting export of data, and it is even possible to connect Combo to payroll software such as Payfit for example.

In short, a simple, quick solution that adapts to the size of your teams and your problems.

Learn more about Combo.


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