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Lumen, the app to control your metabolism and lose weight peacefully

And if a connected object could help you losing weight quickly and with complete peace of mind? A digital object which would be both easy to use, ergonomic and efficient? A technological innovation which, just through your breath, would advise you on dietary matters and help you eat better? It is the promise of Lumen.me, the connected object that will help you analyze your metabolism, in order to stay in shape.

What is it about ?

Lumen is a slimming gadget as big as an electronic cigarette. Nicknamed “revolutionary connected coach” by beta testers, this accessory allows you to better monitor your diet to lose weight and adopt a healthy and balanced diet.

Concretely, Lumen.me allows monitor your metabolism in real time And know if your body burns carbohydrates or fats.

If you didn't know, the body uses two sources of energy to function:

  • THE carbohydrates, more commonly called "sugars", which does not mean that they are only sweet products (example: pasta mainly contains carbohydrates for example). It is the energy source preferentially used by the body, when it has a choice.
  • THE stored fat (or not), especially when carbohydrates are missing. This may be the case during prolonged exercise for example, or in the case of a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates (known as the low-carb high-fat diet, or ketogenic diet in its most recent version). more extreme, in which case the body will use the ketones produced by the liver as an alternative fuel).

To get results on what your body is doing, Lumen analyzes the carbon dioxide blown into the device, and it cross-references this with the data previously recorded by the user, as well as the goals they had set for themselves.


From then on, he establishes a list of foods to favor and activities to practice to achieve this.


How it works ?

Lumen.me takes a slightly different approach from other known connected objects helping with nutrition. It is essentially based on the level of carbon dioxide present in the air that the user breathes, to analyze their metabolism and indicate the ideal typical meal.

Concretely, if the level of carbon dioxide present in the exhaled air is low, the user is burning fat. Conversely, if it is strong, it is consuming its sugar reserve. The food suggestions provided by Lumen.me are essentially based on results obtained at time T.

Moreover, Lumen.me issues a recommendation for one day. It takes into account the user's habits, lifestyle, eating habits, sleep cycles and other parameters.

The different features of Lumen

To monitor your metabolism, simply blow at a steady rate into Lumen, for 10 seconds, to allow the sensors to measure the level of carbon dioxide in the exhaled air. It then transmits the information to the application, available on iOS and Android, for analysis.

With Lumen, the user not only gets professional recommendations regarding meal, but also benefits from regular and precise monitoring of its metabolism, in real time. Lumen can even provide advice on physical exercises to carry out, the diet to follow and even tips for getting to sleep.

A nutritionist at your fingertips

To use Lumen on a daily basis, it means having at your disposal a virtual nutritionist from whom we would obtain diet and training advice, in order to burn fat and stay healthy. With this connected tool, the user monitors their metabolism on a daily basis. He sees how his metabolism is affected by his sleep, his physical activities and the foods he eats. Lumen also allows you to get personalized nutrition, with personalized meal plans every day. The user knows exactly what to eat at that moment.

For sportive people, Lumen.me allows you to check whether they have sufficient energy to train. Thanks to regular updating of user data, the application ends up knowing all their habits: nutrition, fitness, sleep, metabolism. Over time, it even provides a score, the Lumen Flex, which indicates the success or progress that remains to be made.


The limits of Lumen

Validated by numerous scientists, health experts and nutritionists, Lumen.me However, it is not suitable for everyone. Some experts recommend it more for athletes as well as people who work a lot and who need personalized support to stay in good health.

This object can help people have better health and better energy, but be careful, metabolism is (unfortunately) not the only sufficient criterion to achieve this, but one means among others. For many dietitians, several parameters must be considered to indicate an individual's daily food consumption. Namely its age, its sex, its size, its capacity to burn fat or lipids at rest or even genetics and the emotional dimension. So it's not all about the algorithm.


For these experts, a simple metabolism analysis can represent a help, but not a unique solution to help a person lose weight, without taking into account their social, professional, personal environment, etc. In addition, you must also learn to manage your emotions to control your hunger and regulate your daily diet.

It is nevertheless a very practical tool for those who would like to start by reviewing their diet, but also for athletes, or those who know their body and their desires very well, and who feel ready to use such a connected object. .

The price of Lumen.me

In terms of price, we are at 299$ at the moment on the official website, delivered to France without any problem. There is a 14-day deadline for returning the product, and a one-year warranty.

At this price, you have the connected object itself, as well as its charging threshold, the USB cable, access to all the premium content on the app (nutritional plans, fitness advice, etc.), and even a little packaging to store it!

For what it provides, the price is relatively fair because it is an innovative product which will provide you with valuable and exciting information to dissect in order to know yourself better.

To learn more about the product, visit the official website!

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