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TEST: is the LVE S5 the best electric scooter in terms of autonomy / price ratio?

After my Askoll test, I had the opportunity this week to test the LVE S5, a little gem imported from Asia, and which displays autonomy so far almost unparalleled for the price.

This is the store Urban360 which allowed me to test this machine. And the least we can say is that I was absolutely amazed by the autonomy.

Battery life of the LVE S5

With its two 60V26Ah Samsung batteries, the LVE S5 can cover no less than 140km. This is way beyond the scooters I have tried so far.

In practice, I traveled about 30km at medium to fast speed, and only drained 50% from one battery.

The Samsung battery pack of the LVE S5 weighs 9.8 kg and can easily be carried around. The big advantage is clearly that there is no need to recharge all the time, and the LVE allows you to travel long journeys without the fear of running out of money.

The scooter can be recharged directly from an electrical outlet, or by removing the battery from under the saddle.

Autonomy alone constitutes an undeniable advantage.


Power and features

The LVE S5 has a motor power of 3000W (German BOSCH quality motor), and high acceleration. The scooter thus goes from 0 to 45 km/h in less than 5 seconds, which sometimes constitutes a somewhat abrupt acceleration at first. You must therefore be vigilant when starting and have both hands firmly held on.

The scooter is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear. The discs are ventilated to increase braking efficiency and prevent extreme overheating leading to thermal expansion of the disc. The LVE S5 braking system is EBS certified.


Reliability, comfort and design

In terms of driving, nothing to report, the scooter is easy to steer. You just have to get the hang of it at the start. The saddle is not the most comfortable for either the buttocks or the back, but perhaps that depends on each person's body shape.

An advantage and not the least: the locking system with the alarm, and the possibility of turning on the scooter without having to put the key in the lock. Furthermore, the mirrors are ultra-practical, very large, and the scooter can be equipped with the Zéfal system, allowing the smartphone to be placed right in front of the handlebars, all connected to a USB port so you never run out of battery on the phone!

Finally, the design is rather futuristic. We are far from the fashion for retro scooters, but it doesn't matter, to tell the truth, the autonomy and practicality of this scooter trumps everything else...

In short, whether for delivery professionals or for individuals, if you are hesitating between “fashionable” scooters and this one, I advise you not to hesitate and go for the LVE, it will save you a lot galleys.

Price-wise, the LVE S5 is a very good deal. I advise you to go through Urban 360 for the purchase, and they will explain everything you need to know to benefit from the aid!

If you have any questions, or scooters to recommend, don't hesitate to comment in the comments below the article!

PS: this post is NOT a sponsored post!


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