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The ultimate guide to opening and growing your restaurant

Here is a course that allows you to become aware of the issues linked to the digitalization of catering, and to the foodtechization of the hotel industry in general. Don’t hesitate to share it, but remember to notify me 😉

The course will be enhanced at the rate of one article per week, stay tuned and don't hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter to be informed when a new chapter is put online!

I. The delivery market

  • Chapter 1: The end of monopolies and uberization
  • Chapter 2: Overview of the different delivery players
  • Chapter 3: Key figures

II. Food trends for 2019 and 2020

  • Chapter 1: The kitchen, a disappearing room?
  • Chapter 2: The consumer profile is changing
  • Chapter 3: The polarization of moments of consumption
  • Chapter 4: Trendy dishes
  • Chapter 5: The “healthy” trend in restaurants

III. Food delivery in practice

IV. Tools to digitalize your restaurant

V. Hygiene in catering

VI. Conclusion


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