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Day: May 9, 2023


Website and print: 5 tips for choosing and combining the right colors

Whether for a designate/beginner webmaster or for a business who writes his specifications, the choice of colors of a website, a flyer, a business card, a poster or a brochure is a decisive and central exercise, both in terms of ergonomics and user experience than that of the marketing. So we will see how to choose good colors depending on the theme addressed by your website or your print and the intended target. You will see that nothing should be left to chance at this level, otherwise your communication would lose credibility.


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New shorts on Blooness 👉 Relaunch libido, in bulk -> Sun, vitamin D, keto-Mediterranean diet, proteins, books, banter, walking, HIIT, and no hypocalorie diet.

New shorts on Blooness 👉 Improve your sleep -> expose yourself to light in the morning, limit sunglasses, wet your shirt during sports, drink decaf, eat maximum 3 hours before sleeping, take a digestive walk and take some melaton

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