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Day: January 5, 2016


Productivity: make a shared weekly or monthly schedule using Google Sheets

Here is a tutorial that will allow you to create, manage and update a shared schedule using Google Sheets. The idea is to create an extremely simple schedule for the week on Google Sheets, then submit this schedule to your team and be notified of their confirmation at the scheduled times.


Script: send emails via Google Sheets

Here's a new tip for Google Sheets, allowing you to quickly send predefined emails from a spreadsheet. This little feature will save you time and productivity, since it will save you from having to type your emails manually, especially when they are recurring and boring emails linked to your managerial or operational activity.


Google Sheets: Use the IMPORTRANGE function to share part of a spreadsheet

Here's a little tip for sharing a portion of a document with Google Sheets, without having to share the entire document with your collaborators. I personally needed this function in order to share the schedule of each of my colleagues, without them having access to the overall schedule. I wanted everyone to be able to see theirs.


My latest tweets

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