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WordPress Snippet: display custom text after the title of an article in a specific category

Reminder: here is a small snippet of code to add to your functions.php file in order to display a small text tag just after the title of an article, if it belongs to a particular category.

This is useful when, for example, you want to emphasize the fact that this article belongs to a particular category. I use it in particular when I want to make micro-articles of a few lines, in order to make the reader understand that it is a “short” of two or three lines, and not a real developed article, or when I want to display the label “Members Zone” for private articles reserved for members, as in the example below.

In the example below, you just need to replace the words “shorts” and “Members area” with the categories of your choice.

function label_after_post_title($title, $post_id) {
if (is_admin()) {
return $title;

if ( in_the_loop() && has_category( 'shorts', $post_id ) ) {
return $title . &#039; • <span class=" »shorts-category »">[SHORTS]</span>&#039;;

if ( in_the_loop() && has_category( 'members', $post_id ) ) {
return $title . &#039; • <span class=" »shorts-category »">[MEMBERS AREA]</span>&#039;;

return $title;
add_filter('the_title', 'label_after_post_title', 10, 2);


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