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Focus on Withings Steel HR, the hybrid connected watch that follows you everywhere

Specialist in connected watches, Withings offers a complete range of hybrid smartwatches, designed to meet all requirements. Equipped with the latest tracking technology, Withings watches are real trackers compatible with all physical activities.

For complete monitoring of your physical activities, health and sleep, Withings has created the Steel HR. A hybrid connected watch, compatible with iOS and Android via the Health Mate application.


In addition to the connected watch, I even opted for the watch + combo connected scale from the same brand, the test of which you will find here, and everything is connected to the same application: Health Mate.

A stylish and durable watch

There Withings Steel HR hybrid smartwatch is a watch designed entirely in steel. Boasting an extremely modern design, this watch has a specific feature that makes it stainless.

There Steel HR also exists in a sports version: designed especially for athletes of all kinds, it is waterproof and can go underwater to a depth of 50 m without wearing out.

In terms of design, we are looking at a watch that is both modern and retro. In addition, its bracelets are fully customizable.

A watch that is good for you

With the Steel HR hybrid connected watch, you have access to real-time monitoring of your heart rate. In the Health Mate app, you find the time spent in each zone (light, moderate, intense and peak)

Withings has also equipped its Steel HR hybrid connected watch with a GPS connected via Smartphone. Thanks to this GPS, you trace your route on a map with distance, pace and altitude, after each session.

During the race, your Steel HR hybrid connected watch assesses your level by giving you access to an estimate of VO2 max. Very practical for optimizing your performance.

Whatever sporting activity you practice, Steel HR allows you to monitor your activity in real time. It provides access to precise and automatic measurements of running, walking, sleeping, swimming, distance and also calories burned.

The Withings Steel HR smartwatch even offers multi-sport tracking. To do this, simply choose one of the 30 activities offered and activate the training mode from your wrist.

The other advantage of using this hybrid connected watch is the possibility of analyzing your sleep. It provides you with a daily sleep score with sleep cycles (light and deep), sleep duration and interruptions.

Particularly harmful sleep for me :)

Thanks to a silent “Smart Wake Up” alarm, you can choose to wake up at the best time in your sleep cycle, using a very discreet vibration.

At the same time, you continue to receive all the essential notifications about your calls, texts, emails and other events from your favorite apps.

Finally, thanks to the Health Mate application, accessible free of charge on iOS and Android, you can automatically synchronize all your data in order to access it at any time. Thanks to this application, you can consult your progress, obtain all the useful information to progress further in your activity.

In short, I recommend the Steel HR at 100%, I can no longer do without it, whether to track my sleep and wake up at the best time with the “Smart Wake Up” option, or to track the calories spent during the day.


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