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Urban Mobility Show 2019: I tested the Pink Up scooter thanks to Scootlib!

I went last week to Autonomy 2019, the urban mobility show, at the invitation of Scootlib, which I spoke to you about (good) in my overview of solutions for providing electric scooters and bikes for professionals.

The event was held at the Grande Halle de la Villette, in the 19th century in Paris, and it was an opportunity to discuss the theme of urban mobility. There were representatives from different companies, but also simple users.

Scootlib presented me with its range of electric scooters for delivery professionals, which you can find directly on their site.

We focused quite a bit on the Pink Up from Pink, which I was able to test on a small track made available for the occasion. I was even able to meet the founder of the Pink brand, who took the time to explain the scooter's characteristics to me.

The electric scooter Pink Up is one of the brand's scooters Pink, which presents 3 electric scooters on its website:

  • Pink Up, aimed more at delivery professionals:

  • The Pink Style, with a retro style


  • And the Pink Me, with a more masculine style:


Relevant and delivery-oriented accessories

THE Pink Up seduced me first of all with its numerous very practical accessories: bags on the side, like on big motorcycles, shopping cart at the front, which is a bit reminiscent of the thermal Kymo Carry, the super solid smartphone holder, and the anti-theft device on the lock which prevents little pranksters from trying to force the lock.

So in terms of practical accessories (and not gadgets), we are at the top. Indeed, how many times have I had mishaps with my delivery people during large orders: not enough space, the smartphone falling out of its case, lack of robustness of the scooter, etc...

And as a result, all my service providers were at the time: no way to recharge the phone, no really sturdy case for the phone...


The Pink Up, a robust and functional scooter

And let's talk about robustness: the Pink Up is in terms of design, handling and handling exactly what we expect of it. Where the design, weight and wheels of the Askoll are very “improved bike”, the Pink Up will not risk scaring your delivery people, often used to thermal scooters, and therefore in search of robustness.


A range of 40 km per battery

The Pink Up announces a range of 40 km per battery, which is within the current averages for 50cc scooters. It also recovers energy during braking.

Under the saddle, you can fit two Panasonic batteries, which you can recharge using a simple 220 V socket in 2 to 6 hours, depending on whether you take a fast charger or not.


Two speeds on the Pink Up

Two speeds are available on the Pink Up. Sport mode, which is close to 47 km/h, and Zen mode, around 30 km/h. There are three on the Askoll, but in reality, the intermediate speed is not of much use in urban areas, because you often need to drive at 50km/h on major roads, and at 30km/h in the small streets where there are many dangers.



The Pink Up is Scootlib's flagship scooter. If you are looking to get started in the world of home delivery or if you want to replace your thermal ones with electric ones without taking the headache, and if you are looking for a solution without any risk or unpleasant surprises, go for it. I recommend the Scootlib / Pink Up combo, and you will be well supervised and advised.

If you already have the bottle, you can also test alternative solutions and opt for purchasing scooters, but don't be like me, who likes to test several solutions at the same time. It is better to centralize your fleet as much as possible, otherwise you risk getting lost.

As much as in the era of thermals, it was a real hassle to manage your fleet in terms of maintenance and repairs, with electric, it has become child's play!

If you work in the field of delivered catering or want to digitize your brand, find my white paper “Initiation to foodtech” for restaurateurs! You will learn to avoid all the pitfalls that I encountered, and I will give you all the secrets of digitalizing a point of sale!


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