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I tested the eS3 and eS Pro electric scooter from Askoll

Askoll is an Italian brand that makes its debut in the sector of urban mobility. With the ES3, the brand has taken a step forward in the electric scooters. Based on its predecessor the ES2, this new electric moped seems to gain in performance and endurance.

I had the opportunity to test the Askoll eS 3, then to definitively receive the Askoll eS Pro 45, which incorporates the technical characteristics of the eS3, but with specific features specific to professional activities, particularly in the field of transport and deliveries.

Note: this is NOT a sponsored article!

The eS 3, a timeless style and sleek design

First of all, the look. Let's say it frankly, this electric scooter is compact and its lines are visibly inspired by certain mopeds and mopeds of the old era, with its large protective shield which is located in front of the driver's legs, its front headlight which is both retro and futuristic, and its elegant speedometer. A slightly vintage “old school” style that is totally in tune with the times.

But who says vintage doesn't mean old-fashioned, since the Italian brand has obviously designed the scooter so that it is also contemporary, with its light (85 kg) but well-designed chassis, its electric motor and its plastic covering with elegant and refined lines. .

The scooter has two thin 16″ wheels with five-spoke rims, a single shock absorber (which I found very efficient), a telescopic fork and front disc braking combined with a rear drum.

Its lighting is 100% LED, and the scooter comes with other nice and useful accessories such as the glove box with 12V socket, its removable bag hook, its long rear luggage rack as well as its retractable passenger footrest.

And frankly, the Askoll does not leave you indifferent. With its design somewhere between a bicycle, a solex, and a futuristic two-wheeler, I am regularly approached by curious people who want to know more about this atypical machine. Not to mention its featherweight, which will delight the laziest: putting on the central stand will be disconcertingly easy.


Performance and autonomy of the Askoll eS3

The eS3 scooter has two Lithium-ion batteries of 7.5 kg each, offering a cumulative power of 2,800 Wh compared to 2,100 Wh for the ES2.

Visibly improved power thanks to the adoption of Samsung cells, much more powerful than previous Panasonic cells.

In practice, the eS3 has 3 driving modes: Eco, Normal or Power Mode. The different modes limit the eS3's top speed and power consumption.

With eco mode, you do not exceed 30 km/h on the eS 3 45 model, (45 km/h with the 100cc model), but the battery lasts much longer. Very practical in the city center, when you are strolling during the weekend.

In normal mode, you go at 40 km/h (65 km/h with the 100cc version), and you consume the battery moderately. Finally, in POWER mode, you accelerate suddenly and very quickly reach 50 km/h (75 km/h in 100cc version).

The POWER version is ideal for main avenues and long journeys, and I admit, very pleasant, but beware of autonomy, you will notice on the dashboard that your battery is visibly depleting!

The announced range is 50km on the eS3 45, and 96km on the eS3 100cc. In practice, the autonomy posed no problem for me, and arriving around 30%, I always found a socket to recharge it directly in a few hours up to 100%.


The Askoll eS3 electric scooter: agile and dynamic

With its saddle which peaks at 760 mm and its perfectly flat floor, the ES3 is easy to tame. Thanks to a contained weight and correct weight distribution, I managed to master it from the first time I took it in hand.

Once on board, I face a large dashboard housed above the headlight. This one offers me the essentials: the time, a few usual lights, the mileage traveled, a digital dial which displays the battery level, the driving mode, the remaining autonomy...

On my right, I choose my driving mode (Eco, Normal or Power) and I also find the activation of the scooter.

To start, a simple press of the switch is enough to trigger a beep which tells me that the machine is ready to go. A little tap on the throttle grip afterwards allows me to take off smoothly.

I particularly appreciate the acceleration which is smooth and progressive, whatever the driving mode chosen.


A real motorized bike

After a few minutes in an urban environment, I feel perfectly at ease with the ES3. The machine is stable, the weight distribution seems correct and the angle grip is smooth and without excess force. The front axle is easily positioned and with a simple gesture on the handlebars, I quickly go from one turn to another.

The ES3 offers a acceleration always considerate and progressive, with a concise dosage on the handle but fans of responsiveness will find the response a little tight.

When going uphill, the machine still bears the weight of the crew when setting off. And the feeling remains the same when removing one of the batteries. This is directly felt on the acceleration capacity. When going downhill, the range increases considerably. From then on, the machine benefits a little from engine braking.

In use, the comfort is there. The ES3 seems largely adequate for a short trip around town until both batteries run out.

Note that with an electric scooter of this type, you must relearn how to drive "electric": cut off the acceleration as soon as the desired speed is reached, widely anticipate acceleration and braking, freewheel as much as possible and use the engine brake.


About the Askoll eS PRO

For my part, I opted for eS pro, as part of my professional activities. Its characteristics are substantially similar to the eS 3, except that I rent it through the Cooltra rental service, a Spanish scooter rental service, which is entering the French market.

Pros can opt for either the eS pro 45 (50 cm3 equivalent), or the ES pro 70. It is offered in three colors (red, black or white), and only has one place, since the second place is replaced by a support allowing to receive a delivery trunk.

The two models share a light weight limited to 86 kg, a power close to respectively 2,700 and 3,000 W for the same motor torque of 130 Nm. The two removable batteries of respectively 2,100 and 2,800 Wh are recharged at 80 % in 5.5 and 7.5 hours, for 80 to 96 km of autonomy for the ES Pro 70 (and 50km for the ES Pro 45).

Maximum speeds are displayed at 45 or 70 km/h for the eSpro45 (50 cm3 equivalent) and the eSpro70 respectively. These models are sold – always respectively – at 2,990 and 3,490 euros including tax.

The batteries are easily removed for recharging, but the scooter can also be plugged directly into an electrical outlet for simple and convenient recharging.

Good plan, with Cooltra, it is possible to benefit from a monthly rental at fairly advantageous rates for the moment ranging between 120 and 160€ per month.


Benefit from the reduction via Paris City Hall

The main argument of the eS3 is its price of 3,490 euros, from which we can deduct 700 euros of ecological bonus and, for Parisians, 400€ of subsidies granted by the Paris City Hall. Which gives us a final cost of 2,390 euros: the price of a top-of-the-range 50 cc gasoline engine!


Conclusion: a little electric gem that will be the best ally for your urban escapades.

If I recommend the eS 3 from Askoll? Without hesitation, yes! This one, or another, as long as the autonomy is there and the handling suits you, don't hesitate to go electric. So much more suited to urban mobility than thermal, Askoll electric scooters will allow you to ride peacefully without making noise, and with the real feeling of flying.

For those who like to have this feeling of freedom, and who are tired of the unbearable smell of gasoline and noise pollution (your neighborhood will appreciate it), the electric scooter is made for you!


Be careful on the road with the Askoll!

However, beware of pedestrians and bicycles who will not hear you, and who are used to increasing their vigilance only in the event of engine noise. So be very careful during your urban journeys!

Fortunately, in the case of Askoll, a high-pitched, wired noise is heard when you accelerate, so that you can still be noticed by pedestrians. Not necessarily very pleasant at first, but you will quickly get used to it, until you find this tone quite pleasant during your acceleration :)

Furthermore, when stopped, and also when you activate the indicator, a small futuristic beep will tell you that the scooter is in position to roll, and your neighbors will also be able to hear your presence.

If you want to know more about the Askoll eS3, go directly to the brand's official website, where you will also find their other models of electric scooters, as well as their all-electric bikes.

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