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Is Staffomatic the best personnel planning and management solution?

staffomatic logiciel gestion personnel planning absences vacances

In the jungle of personnel management solutions, Staffomatic is one of the alternatives that not only manages employee schedules, but also takes care of scheduling, absences and even vacations.

It was a solution very appreciated initially by delivery platforms, who used it to manage the schedule of their delivery people. I don't know if they still use it, but it's a German solution that I had the opportunity to personally test for my colleagues.

[info]Note: This test is part of a comparison of planning and working time solutions, the summary of which you will find here.[/info]


Personnel management in just a few clicks

Thanks to the software's clean interface, creating team schedules is now child's play. In just a few clicks, you can generate a schedule, slots and create teams of collaborators. All live on the Cloud, on a computer or tablet.


All-in-one software

Staffomatic has the particularity of simplifying all tasks related to personnel management. As specified a little above, this software manages absences, including vacations. Thanks to Staffomatic, employees now make their leave requests directly online.

As an administrator, you can manage requests more easily and you always have an overview of the availability of all employees. No more unpleasant surprises, lack of staff on a daily basis, during holidays and odd hours.


An app accessible on mobile

For a modern application, Staffomatic is incomparable on mobile. Although the Smartphone application is only available in English, it remains easily accessible to employees. They can check available slots and apply directly via their Smartphone.

Slot exchanges can also be done directly online and at any time. No need to be at the workplace to negotiate a change of slots with a colleague, simply consult the schedule from the application.


Pay slip at your fingertips

With Staffomatic, you can manage your schedules thanks to a multitude of displays: by list of employees, department or workplaces. Without being in the office, you can consult the working hours of your employees in real time. An automatic and up-to-date backup of individual data then allows you to carry out salary calculations very easily.

In addition, Staffomatic allows you to download all the data you have to establish your employees' pay slips, in Excel and/or CSV format. It is also possible to print timesheets directly.

And if necessary, the entire Staffomatic team is available to answer your questions!


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