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The best electric scooter and bike solutions for restaurateurs and home delivery

As you know, I launched a restaurant brand, one of whose specialties is offering food delivered to your home.

In addition to passing through marketplaces like Deliveroo or UberEATS, some restaurants wish to continue “traditional” home delivery, with their own fleets of delivery people, especially in peri-urban or provincial areas, where distances are longer, and where Uberized systems are not yet suitable.

Therefore, if you want to launch your own delivery system, or if you are looking for an alternative to what you already have, you must probably ask yourself the question of the fleet: which scooters, and which system to choose? Should you buy your own scooters? Should you do leasing?

Home delivery: scooter rental or scooter purchase?

You have the choice between the two solutions. After several years of experience, here are my recommendations, more “philosophical” and practical than strictly economic:

  • If you are a manager or an executive who hates administration, and who does not want to deal with paperwork so you can focus only on your core business, then choose scooter rental and not purchase.
  • If you are a person who likes to manage everything, centralize everything, and who prefers to save money while maintaining control over all your processes, then buy your scooters. As such, I advise you to read my review on the LVE S5.
  • Finally, one last distinction and not the least: if you manage a relatively small fleet, I advise you to buy your scooters. On the other hand, if you have several restaurants, and you have a fleet that is starting to become significant, it would be better to subcontract the management of the scooters to a rental company, because the management of all these scooters can quickly become a real factory. gas.

On an economic level, the aid linked to the acquisition of electric scooters is very advantageous and it must be admitted that the purchase seems more advantageous over 1 or 2 years than renting. On the other hand, the services provided by rental (maintenance, advice, insurance) are very practical. So, between the two, the choice quickly becomes difficult.


As such, if you opt to buy, try to have a trusted garage right next to your point of sale, especially on thermal vehicles.

Now that we have clarified the two scenarios, I suggest you take an overview of scooter rental solutions!

Rental of electric scooters and bikes for restaurants and delivery professionals

Scootlib: history

Scootlib is one of the biggest players in providing scooters to restaurants and professionals. I have personally worked with them since the beginning of my adventure in food, and I have always been extremely satisfied with them!



I started with them on a fleet of Kymco Carry thermal scooters, very practical for taking a lot of orders or for catering orders, but since the advent of electric, Scootlib also offers electric scooters.

Discover Scootlib


Cooltra: the Spanish alternative

I was approached by Cooltra in 2018, and their offer was much cheaper than Scootlib, since they were outsiders and looking to gain market share in France. They gave good advice and we opted for ES Pro Askoll.


Despite some responsiveness issues, and the top cases being really practical (water infiltration and the plates are all gone from the boxes), overall we are quite satisfied with it.

Discover Cooltra


IMF: Made in France!

With IMF, I had a great feeling, knowing that I was one of the first to test their wonderful P-tio scooter, totally personalized in the image of Libshop.



At the time, I opted for two thermal ones, but since then, IMF has switched to electric, and supplies the larger ones, like Domino's Pizza here.


IMF is a French company, very attentive, and for that alone, I strongly advise you to consider working with them. Their advantage? It is undeniably the customization of the scooters and their aesthetics that will make your 2 wheels instantly recognizable on the streets. From a marketing standpoint, this is a considerable advantage compared to other providers, who are much more rigid in terms of customization.

I haven't tested their electric scooters yet, but if Domino's franchisees opt for IMF, it's because there is no risk :)

Discover IMF


Cruis Rent, the partner of Just Eat, ex Alloresto!

I also worked with Cruis Rent in one of the restaurants I manage. The Cruis Rent solution is particularly advantageous when you go through Just Eat, since the intermediary finances part of the leasing in exchange for a delivery trunk in its colors.

The scooters provided by Cruis Rent are well made and the autonomy is there. Finally, one of the big advantages of Cruis Rent is customer support. They send mechanics very quickly in the event of technical problems with your scooters, and there is no need to take them to a garage, everything is managed directly on site, near your restaurant!

Discover Cruis Rent


Umob: focus on pros and electrics

I don't know this solution yet but it seems to be of good quality. You will find all the information on their website, which presents both scooters and electric bikes.

Discover Umob


And scooter insurance in all this?

I haven't done extensive research for insurance yet. Concerning the scooters purchased, I opted for April Partners, who have always provided very good advice, and who offer reasonable prices for this somewhat complicated area of home food delivery.


And you, do you know of solutions for providing scooters and electric bikes for professionals? Don’t hesitate to share your good tips in the comments!


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