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Smiirl: a connected and ultra-designed Facebook fan and Instagram follower counter

smiirl compteur de like

Display your likes in real time and control their flow every second, it's now possible thanks to the new Ultra-design “like” and “follower” counter named Smiirl. What is it about ? How to use it ? And what are the advantages? Focus on the must-have of the most recent technological innovations.

What is it about ?

Smiirl is a real-time “like” and “follower” counter, specially designed for boutiques, local businesses as well as all establishments and other organizations which receive the public on a daily basis and which need to establish their reputation on social networks to boost their sales.


Available for Facebook and Instagram, Smiirl updates automatically as your followers grow. It will be, in a way, the incentive counter which will push your customers present at your points of sale to follow you on social networks.


How it works ?

Smiirl is an ultra-design meter, developed by specialized engineers. Their expertise allows this “magic” meter to operate using a WiFi connection source and a mains connection.

There is then no need to monitor it closely (or from afar), it will automatically record each new “like” or “follower” at the very moment the action appears on your Facebook page or your Instagram account.


What are the advantages of Smiirl?

Thanks to Smiirl, you no longer need to constantly monitor your Facebook page or keep an eye on your Instagram account. Simply install your meter in a prominent corner of your store or boutique, then let your customers appreciate the benefits through their own experience. A very innovative marketing strategy to attract new prospects to your community.

For businesses, Smiirl also offers the advantage of being an undeniably practical tool for visualizing specific data. It will motivate the entire team to achieve a specific objective and measure the progress of their work, in real time.


How much does it cost ?

For only 299 euros excluding tax, you can treat yourself to the standard counter (5 digits) which will allow you to track in real time the number of followers on Instagram or the number of fans on your Facebook page.

A personalized model (up to 7 digits) will cost you up to 349 euros excluding tax, but this will allow you, in addition to its main functionality, to display your own data as well as your brand logo during a purchase carried out online, via their API.


Where to buy this great gadget?

Simply on their official website! Click here to get you there.


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