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SEO tip: beware of automatic redirection based on browser language!

Are you using the WPML extension on your WordPress blog and have you activated automatic redirection according to your visitor's language? Then this advice will save you! Indeed, redirects based on the language of your visitor's browser are penalized in the Google index. Worse still, you won't even be able to run advertising campaigns on Google Ads!

So to avoid ending up in Google's sandbox, deactivate any automatic redirection that will be perceived by Google as "misleading redirects"! Yes, yes, you read that right.

For those who use WPML, go to the general settings, then check “Disable browser language redirect”. And too bad for the practicality of this redirection.

If you want to display consistent content to your reader, clearly and broadly display the “language switcher”, allowing them to switch to the language they wish to use. Then you will see that your site will rise high in Google results, including for translated pages, which should improve the relevance of the content displayed depending on the user's language.

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