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Opinion: is authenticity the new trend?

Advertising, communication, strategy: what if authenticity and back to basics were the new hobbyhorse for brands?

In response to the feeling of the destruction of nations and to the damages caused by globalization, in a global move towards “back to basics”, consumers are increasingly in need of direction and differentiation.

After the standardization of ways of life, food and fashion, there is today a trend of sel-assertion, a revival of local traditions and an assumed promotion of authenticity, whatever it might be or come from: the point is that the standardization of our societies which started in the 1980s is now being rejected.


Looking for a unique self

With this accepted egotrip and the urge to put everything you consume on Instagram, more than ever before, economic actors are looking for products or services that could underline how unique they are and concurrently show to the members of their communities how much they appreciate the authenticity of the product, their love for ethics, homemade, fairtrade or organic products.

Simply put, authenticity serving ego trip and personal branding is the new trend.


A multicultural and cosmopolitan back to basics

In this very globalized context, cosmopolitan cities and megacities have become direct competitors of States. The national culture is replaced by an urban cosmopolitan culture shaped by various influences.

Haven't you noticed this trend on social networks: claiming to be from a city (NYC, Paris, Dubai…) rather than from a country?

Even though this urban and multicultural way of thinking was first completely against the current “back to basics” trend and against large retailers, it is now a fact that these two trends combine today and that brands use it for they own profit.

There is a growing celebration of authenticity, highlighting national or local traditions along with a capitalistic use of this resurgence of nationalisms.

Take designers, for instance: they use specific fabrics from various people in the world to mix them with others in fashion shows to honor the historical beauty of authenticity.

What is sold here is the original character of the product in a huge universalist mess, in line with the worldwide spirit of big cities.

Yes, the public opinion and consumers seem to reject globalism and globalization. But hey, in the end, it is highly likely that big companies, industrial companies, fashion industry and food industry will use this back-to-local/ancient/concrete trend.

Consumers who were looking for local, ethical, organic, environment-friendly, qualitative, original and authentic alternatives will end up buying authenticity to the most universal brands, with the most significant economies of scale, crushing everything in their wake.


Conclusion: focus your communication on authenticity!

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a manager, think about this trend and take upstream actions in your business and activities. Promoting authenticity as a value and selling point is already all over the place. You will have to adjust your products and your story-telling!


In fashion

What will work will be new innovative fabrics that are ethical and safe and updated local clothing in original collections.


On the web and in the service sector

The dawn of localism: after abandoning craftpeople, bakers and cheesemakers, consumers will ask for them again.


In the franchise sector

You could consider underlining the crafty and independent aspect of the franchisee and diminish as much as possible the image of the huge capitalist and financial group oppressing the independent people.


In food

There is already a genuine comeback of ancient and authentic food. I think that the next victims of the trend will be Japanese restaurants, with an already crowded market but also burger restaurants which will have the image of junk food coming from globalized NY…

Regional food, Italian food (now rebooming but until when?), authentic asian food, mediterranean food and of course vegetarian and Paleolithic food will be honored.
What do you think about it? Does this trend makes you want to undertake any project?


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