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All behind Anggun for Eurovision 2012: find me on FranceTV's social platforms

Tonight is the Eurovision final in Baku, and France Télévisions is offering me the opportunity to be the community manager of the event on their social platforms.

THE Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest of France Televisions are all platforms on which I have been present with other journalists and CM since the second 1/2 final of Eurovision in order to to animate the FranceTV communities. Here is a visual which roughly schematizes the operation, I am personally located at the “CM” level (Community Manager):

26 countries are participating in this Eurovision final, and I am therefore counting on you to join us on social networks, on which you can follow the event live with us:
-> The hashtag to follow Eurovision during the evening is #eurofrancetv !
FranceTV Pinterest
Youtube MyFranceTV
France 3 Facebook page

This op is a great opportunity for all of us to support Anggun and to make her buzz, she who represents us for this 57th edition of Eurovision, with his piece You and I. The show is broadcast this evening on the France 3 channel, and you can watch it in streaming on the official France 3 website at the following address: http://eurovision.france3.fr/
See you soon !


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