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OneUp App: the best social media management solution

In today's digital world, social media management is essential for businesses looking to reach their target audience effectively.

OneUpApp is a comprehensive online service designed to make it easy to schedule, automate and optimize social media posts. In my case, after testing several solutions, I have been using OneUpApp for more than two years now, and for me it is the best service of its kind. This is why I wanted to share with you my feedback on this superb solution.

Here is a quick overview of the functionalities of OneUp App.

Schedule posts for social media

OneUpApp offers a post scheduling feature, which allows users to schedule their posts in advance on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. This feature makes it easier to manage the editorial calendar and allows for a consistent presence across platforms.

To get started, once registered, simply connect your OneUp App account to your social media accounts, after which simply click on “Create post” to start posting to several of your social networks at once.

OneUp App compatible with which social networks?

In addition to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter histories, the strength of OneUp App is that it now also connects to Tiktok, YouTube and even Google My Business! Suffice it to say that for an activity that has physical points of sale, this is a major step forward.

For my part, I use it for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as for my Google My Business listings. To do this, simply click on “Create a post”, and choose the social networks that you have previously connected:

The other great feature of OneUp App is that you can add a comment under the post, ensure that the post is repeated over time and better yet, personalize the post for Google My Business!

Which gives this in practice a way to communicate directly on Google with your prospects:

OneUp App to respond to Google reviews, with artificial intelligence!

One of the best features of the OneUp App in my opinion is the ability to respond to customer comments on Google, in manual mode but also in automatic mode with artificial intelligence! A great feature that allows you to respond more quickly to generic reviews:

Publishing automation

With OneUpApp, automating posts becomes child's play. Users can recycle and reuse their old posts, saving time and energy. In addition, the tool allows you to automatically share other users' publications and add RSS feeds to your publication schedule.

Monitor the performance of your posts

OneUpApp offers tools to monitor the performance of each post, tracking interactions, clicks and conversions. This data can be used to adjust content strategy and maximize campaign effectiveness. This feature will cost you an additional 50$ per month.

Managing multiple accounts

With OneUpApp, managing multiple accounts on different social networks is simplified. Users can easily switch between accounts and manage their online presence centrally. This feature is especially useful for agencies and marketing professionals who manage multiple clients.

Content Library

OneUpApp has a built-in content library, where users can store and organize their images, videos and links. This makes it easier to create posts by quickly accessing the necessary resources. The content library also ensures visual and narrative consistency across social media.

The advantages of OneUp App:

  • the ease of use and intuitive interface of OneUpApp: time saving and better productivity;
  • the effectiveness of OneUpApp's customer service, which provides prompt and helpful assistance when needed;
  • The fact

The (little ones) –:

The only disadvantage I see is when OneUp App disconnects from certain networks and you then have to refresh the connection to the social network in question:

But this is a completely minor limitation, and it rarely happens.

What are the OneUp App prices?

If you want to test the solution, the free plan comes with the ability to connect two social networks, six scheduled posts, and connect Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profiles, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

Then, the prices rise to 12 dollars per month for the intermediate plan (3 social network accounts, 150 planned posts), 48 dollars per month for the intermediate version (this is the one which will suffice for the greatest number, with 10 social accounts, 500 planned posts), and other more ambitious plans are also available.

Visit their site to browse their different plans.

Conclusion: OneUp App, the best social media management solution

OneUpApp offers a full range of features for social media management, from scheduling to automation to optimization. The intuitive interface, ease of use and efficient customer service make it a competitive choice.

Test the OneUp App solution


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