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The best ideas germinate in the shower

Many entrepreneurs, managers and even artists, creators or DIYers sometimes have a failure of inspiration. Blank page syndrome. The anxiety of the creative routine.

And if there's one place where creativity can sparkle again, it's in the shower! And for good reason…

It's one of the most intimate places in the world

The shower is one of those times when you are – normally – naked. No more mask, no more role to take on, no more clothing style that locks you into a character, no more glasses, no more shell.

If life is an immense theater, in the shower, you are finally alone with yourself. This intimacy brings you closer to the one you are the most, without possible cheating.

And it is often when you are free from all constraints, in the most total privacy, that you are most yourself. And when you're the most yourself, you're often the most creative. The intimate and euphoric effect of the shower could almost be compared to a dopamine-releasing drug.


It's in these moments that the creativity light bulb suddenly turns on in the depths of your cortex.


In the shower, you are not subject to any solicitation

Provided you take it alone, the shower is not only an intimate place, but it is also a place devoid of any notification, any questioning, any external signal. Generally, you don't hear what's going on outside, and you can't use that damn smartphone that lights up your face with sometimes discouraging inspirations.

Indeed, we are bombarded with information, photos, Instagram publications that are often depressing as they are to the advantage of those who publish them. However, in the shower, none of that anymore. Anything that could make you self-conscious, depress you, anything that could make you think that “everything has already been done”, does not manifest itself.

Protected by a halo of rain that falls on your bare shoulders, you are in your intimate, sacred, relaxing and… inspiring universe!


The sound of the shower is inspiring

It is a continuous, fresh sound and often accompanied by water vapor. This tropical atmosphere relaxes as much as it inspires. The pleasant and relaxing sensation of water mixed with the crinkly tone of its flow is an excellent brain stimulator.

The feeling of calm combined with the high level of motivation after getting out of the shower is one of the most striking signs of this.


Without the weight of others' gaze, the shower is a boost of creativity

Deprived of external demands and the gaze of others, the shower becomes a place where you can give free rein to your creative wanderings. It's time to hum, talk to yourself, imagine dialogues, business projects, or... ideas for articles to post!


Not too much need !

The shower, as you know, It's not at all eco-friendly, and it shouldn't be abused either.. In addition, beware of the emotional lift that the pleasure it provides can cause right after. Because euphoria is sometimes immediately followed by intense demotivation.


To avoid this and stay in a galvanized state of mind which could push you to launch into the crazy idea that you may have had in the shower, I advise you just after this to avoid requests from your smartphone, social networks and other external stimuli that could destroy your sudden desire to play music, write a chapter, or start the report that you have been due to submit to your boss for 3 weeks now.

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