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I tested Skello, a turnkey solution for planning, badge processing and personnel management

skello solution planning badgeuse gestion du personnel

Looking for a truly practical tool that will make administrative tasks less cumbersome? Want to establish a friendly and, above all, inclusive atmosphere at all levels within your company?

Try Skello! Certainly, there is no shortage of personnel management solutions these days. But having tried it, I can confirm that Skello is one of the best solutions.

[info]Note: This test is part of a comparison of planning and working time solutions, the summary of which you will find here.[/info]

What is it about ?

If I had to define Skello in a few words, I would without hesitation choose “the all-purpose tool”. This staff planning management tool deserves your full attention, if only for the Food Award it won at the Food Hotel Tech show.

To put it simply, Skello is the tool that simplifies a lot of things for you in terms of Human Resource Management. As the manager of a restaurant brand that employs around twenty employees on a daily basis, I needed a simple tool to synchronize with all the employees without spending too much time. Indeed, there is a lot to do in a restaurant in addition to administrative tasks: cooking, customers, menus, orders, marketing, partnerships, etc.


Thanks to Skello: dynamic and very practical schedules

Skello software is much more practical than loose sheets or Excel tables. With this tool, create the weekly schedules becomes child's play.

Skello even has the advantage of calculating hourly productivity based on daily turnover and the personnel entered.

Better yet, Skello prepares a turnkey export file for my accounting firm, so that payroll can be done in a relatively short time, even if you always have to keep a keen eye on the exported data in order to properly control everything.

Overtime, replacements, break times, Skello takes into account all the elements that contribute to the establishment of an individual pay slip. As a bonus, this software helps me get closer to my employees. They can in fact tell me about their grievances or notify me of an absence via their personal space.


How does Skello help me move forward in my work?

After trying other personnel management software, I realized how easy Skello is to use. This does not require any technical knowledge, other than a little time to familiarize yourself with the different functionalities of the software.

With Skello, the administrative management of a restaurant no longer takes much time. This software even allowed me to make some savings on accounting costs and also the time required to prepare pay slips.

As a bonus, personnel management has been significantly improved because my employees have easy access to the schedule. They even receive notifications by email, SMS or directly on their Smartphone via the application, in the event of a change.

Finally, the badge machine provided by Skello, via an Android tablet, allows employees to clock in and out very easily, which makes it possible to keep track of the shifts carried out.



Why would I recommend Skello?

Before you say this software isn't right for you, try it! The subscription amounts to 89 euros/month without commitment. Then, if you are not very convinced of its performance and effectiveness, you can always unsubscribe and opt for another alternative.


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2 Responses

  1. Indeed, this tool really seems to be helpful in carrying out administrative tasks. And his ability to manage productivity and staff is impressive. It would be worth a try. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I come here to share my opinion on the Skello solution. I have been using this solution for 3 years now within my takeover which has 36 employees. Until today I can say that this solution and its after-sales service met my needs both on a technical and human level. So why be unhappy today?
    I had the unpleasant surprise of seeing a notice of presentation of direct debit on my account of €166.80 concerning Skello, so I contacted them for explanations because until then I paid my subscription annually at the rate of €110 € is therefore a solution at €1,320 excluding tax annually. It was therefore explained to me that my subscription solution was obsolete and that from now on it worked by pack and that the pack which corresponds to my “old subscription” is €125 per month with a 12-month commitment at €1500/year.
    Which still represents an increase of 14Ù (just that) for the same functionalities and not one more. When we know that this solution is mainly aimed at restaurateurs, I cannot at all understand how in the middle of a pandemic managers can have a pricing policy like this. Maybe we need to remind them that we have been closed for over a year and that we are trying painfully to get out of it and now these young people are pressing you on the head.
    Of course all my words were not enough for him to change his mind and leave me at my old price with the same specifications but no it is far away or this Sart-up was listening to its customers and looking for new networks to extend their solution. Maybe success has gone to their heads. In any case, as far as I am concerned, I am going to change the solution and I encourage you not to opt for this one because you will be served in the same sauce within 2 or 3 years once you and your team are well accustomed to their solution, they play on it. So my advice is to avoid it. otherwise guaranteed increase. Mr Alvarez

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