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Plugins to turn your WordPress or BuddyPress into a native app for iPhone and Android

Hello everyone ! Today I will list you the best plugins or themes that will allow you to enhance your WordPress, and possibly your social network BuddyPress. The interest of this process and of transforming your website into real native application available on the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store. The interest? Benefit from the audience of these marketplaces, and offer your visitors a mobile-friendly user experience.

I had carried out all the necessary research in my client projects, and I was able to test certain solutions, so I would like to share with you the fruit of my research and my tests in order to benefit as many people as possible!

All these solutions obviously cost money, but having a fluid and modern app is priceless!

EDIT 2023: new solutions recently tested


Appmysite is in my opinion the simplest solution to get started. The test and my opinion are coming very soon.


AppPresser – one of the best known

This famous solution designed for WordPress is a framework which will turn your WordPress blog into a real native application for iOs and Android. The tool notably includes a dashboard allowing you to modify your application(s) from a single place, thanks to a practical visual editor.

This is a good solution for fairly advanced WordPress sites, which require major customizations, and whose owners or brands wish to be visible on native application markets.

AppPresser – Mobile App Framework

The characteristics of AppPresser:

  • WooCommerce compatible
  • BuddyPress Compatible
  • LearnDash compatible (online course!)
  • Camera
  • Facebook login
  • Customizable themes


WPMobile.App – Little French Thumb

WPMobile.App is a French 100% solution, which in itself had the merit of being remembered! The plugin is positioned as a very simple and quick solution, which allows you to simply personalize and configure your application while maintaining the general appearance of your WordPress site. Additionally, it allows you to create a Progressive Web App (PWA), in addition to iOs and Android apps.

WPMobile.App — Android and iOS Mobile Application

The characteristics of WPMobile.App:

  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Customizable app themes
  • Statistics
  • Ads manager
  • Translatable app

However, WPMobile.App is not optimized for BuddyPress at the moment.

€119 excluding tax / 6 months for an iOS and Android application.


Mobiloud – The juggernaut

With Mobiloud, we increase the level. This solution will allow you to transform your WordPress blog into a real iOS and Android application, from customization to submission to the stores. Their teams take care of everything and support you from start to finish, which also explains their prices, well above the market.

The advantage of Mobiloud is that they offer two tools to choose from to achieve your goals: Mobiloud News to transform a WordPress blog into an app (suitable for news sites), and Mobiloud Canvas, which will be a real tool on -measure to personalize your site in application (suitable for e-commerce sites or even BuddyPress).

MobiLoud – WordPress Mobile Apps – Convert your WordPress Website to Native Mobile Apps

The pricing is based on a subscription, which is quite high, but which will allow you to benefit from assistance at any time, and a real personalized and premium service.


WizziApp – the pioneer

Present on WordPress since 2010, WizziApp prides itself on having more than 10,000 users for more than 22,000,000 apps downloaded via their solution. WizziApp appears to be complete, and it is WooCommerce, WPML and BuddyPress compatible. They also offer an HTML5 version of your mobile site.



Fontrity – the alternative

Worona alumni launched Fontrity. Here, exit the application markets (App Store and Play Store), place PWA ! By mixing the Progressive Web App with Google AMP (accelerated pages optimized for Google results), Fontrity intends to revolutionize access to websites on mobile, and in this case to installations running WordPress.



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