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Top 10 best specialized WordPress hosts

meilleurs hebergeurs specialises wordpress

WordPress is the content management system favored by online website creators. Around 30% of the internet platforms currently available online are built around this system which has the particularity of being easy to configure, secure and above all to use on a daily basis.

You are looking for the best WordPress hosting solution for your website? I have put together for you a comparison of 10 best specialized WordPress hosts on the market in my opinion. This list is not a ranking, but simply a listing, it is up to you to choose what suits you best according to your needs.

On your marks, ready? Go !


WP Engine: historically our favorite!

A premium choice available as a subscription, from 35$ per month. This high-end hosting solution offers 10GB of storage space for a loading time of 0.74 seconds.

The offer includes a site, responsive 24/7 customer support and bandwidth with a promise of 25,000 visitors per month on the clock. This host has a very high uptime as well as a very efficient CDN and SSL certificates. It allows you to accommodate significant traffic on your site without bugs and without slowdowns thanks to powerful servers, capable of adapting to large variations in traffic. Superior offers exist, to accommodate more traffic and more sites. For example the “Growth” offer at 115$ / month, allowing you to host up to 5 sites and receive up to 100,000 visits / month.

WP Engine also allows you to make daily backups of your site and guarantees optimal security of your data. It also allows you to have a so-called “staging” environment, which allows you to do parallel development and improve your WordPress without touching the “live” version, and once the dev work is finished, you just need to deploy the “staging” environment. staging” to “live”! Very convenient.

Small downside however on some unauthorized plugins, some bugs in the cache particularly in the use of front-end cookies – which we had to deal with – but which are easily identifiable and correctable by asking them for help.

But once these small anomalies are circumvented, you will simply have the Rolls-Royce of specialized WordPress hosting solutions, that is to say that their solution is totally focused on WordPress and nothing else, which makes WP Engine a specialist of the genre.

At Tulipe Media, we have tried several hosting solutions, but our favorite remains WP Engine. Most of our sites – especially those with the highest traffic, or those that use heavy databases with BuddyPress – are hosted by WP Engine. And what we appreciate most about them is their support. Available 24 hours a day, via chat, their engineers are attentive and fully respond to each of our requests and questions, in absolutely RECORD time.

Try WP Engine


Kinsta : our new favorite

Added to the top in July 2019

Kinsta is our new favorite. We hosted part of our sites with them during 2019, and we were very satisfied with it.

Kinsta is the optimal solution for those looking for a true premium solution for their WordPress sites. Both for small sites and for large ones.

Kinsta's strength is its solid and secure infrastructure. But also its support, and its documentation, very useful and very well explained, in English and in French.

Read our full test of the Kinsta host


TMDHosting : general but with a good WordPress layer

The reference choice of many users for its speed, TMDHosting has the particularity of being a basic general hosting, but which has a part optimized for WordPress.

Featuring three layers of cache, it is 16 times faster to load than most of its direct competitors. Regular updating gives it features that are always at the cutting edge of technological innovation. It is also the ideal choice for professionals and brands who want to create a personal blog like a photography portfolio.

Among the main advantages of TMDHosting, we will cite the possibility of making free transfers via existing sites, a fully automated and free installation as well as a domain name also offered.

For a price that starts at 2.95$ per month, you will also have unlimited disk space and bandwidth. And performance is increasing with the Business (5.95$/month) and Enterprise (12.95$) offers.

Try TMDHosting


SiteGround : general but turned WordPress

SiteGround offers a specialized WordPress hosting offer, particularly interesting for its GoGeek plan. The latter offers features meeting all needs, for around 100,000 visits/month.

Better yet, this hosting also offers you full control over the technical aspects. For a price that starts at 3,95$ per month with the StartUp offer, including a site and 10GB disk space, SiteGround also offers more efficient features starting at 11,95$ for its GoGeek plan which includes 30GB of web space as well as many additional technical features.

SiteGround is also a solution suitable for e-commerce WordPress sites with the WooCommerce plugin. This host is therefore definitely an inexpensive and a priori high-quality intermediate solution, both for showcase sites and online stores set up using WordPress.

Try SiteGround



O2Switch is an entry-level hosting solution that appeals for its unlimited storage space, bandwidth and unlimited database. It includes a free domain and an unlimited number of email accounts. To everyone's surprise, O2Switch offers a unique hosting package "the unique O2Switch Cloud". An all-in-one package that saves you the hassle caused by diverse technical features and choices of processor or disk space.

Priced at 5 euros/month excluding VAT, this hosting has the particularity of offering a money-back guarantee, with technical support available 7 days a week and an unlimited monthly transfer.

Another advantage, and not the least, O2Switch is a French host. Easy to communicate with their support.

Try O2Switch



BlueHost is a top 20 web host, hosting over 2 million domains worldwide.

What users love about BlueHost is how it makes it easy for even beginners to access and use WordPress. Far from being an amateur when it comes to web hosting, it offers a very professional service specially dedicated to optimizing the use of WordPress.

Concretely, it allows you to create a site that is faster and easily accessible for both the admin and the users. Just one click is enough to install WordPress on this platform and it also offers you a very large choice of themes and plug-ins that are just as easy to install.

BlueHost also has exclusive features like SiteLock Pro which guarantees you optimal security against malware. For a WP Standard plan of 19,99$, you have up to 100 million visits per month and 30GB of storage. Performance increases with the WP Ultimate plan offered at 49,99$ per month, offering 240 GB storage and unlimited visits.

Try BlueHost



Hosting platform exclusively dedicated to WordPress, WPServeur offers a fast and functional service. You benefit from very powerful and fully dedicated servers, sophisticated tools and permanent support from WordPress professionals.

With WPServer, you can concentrate on the essentials of your site, that is to say its content. This hosting solution offers you complete configuration as well as various optimized acceleration solutions. For a secure WordPress with the best plugins, WPServeur is the ideal solution.

In addition, WPServeur is, like O2Switch, a French company!

Try WPServer



1and1.fr offers efficient, fast and easy-to-use general hosting solutions from 0.99 euros excluding tax/month. Thanks to the diversified functionalities of the servers, you will succeed in creating your site in a relatively short time.

In addition, you benefit from a professional email address based on your domain name. In addition to being a general hosting platform, 1and1 also offers WordPress hosting solutions that allow you to easily create a completely personalized site.

With 1&1 Office packs, you will be able to work from anywhere and position your website online on Cloud servers in just a few minutes. Better yet, 1&1 offers you the opportunity to try a no-obligation offer for a month, with the possibility of changing packs in just one click and benefiting from expert support at any time.

Try 1and1



For a simplified hosting solution, GoDaddy is the ideal solution. In addition to offering automatic updates and configuration, GoDaddy also provides a drag-and-drop page editor and pre-built sites.

Featuring a super-responsive startup service, it allows you to create a website in minutes, with thousands of high-quality images available for import. GoDaddy also includes all the features necessary for designing a website.

Best of all, it offers some great third-party features like an e-commerce feature, SEO wizard, and social media features.

For a basic package offered at 3.99$ per month, you have 10GB of storage and 25,000 visitors per month. To get 100,000 visitors per month, you can opt for the luxury plan which costs 4,99$ per month which benefits from an SEO assistant tool. However, GoDaddy packages do not include domain names and SSL certificates.

Try GoDaddy



Recommended expressly by WordPress, DreamHost is a complete hosting service, the most comprehensive available with shared, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions. This hosting solution really meets all expectations since it offers updates directly responding to user needs as well as a pre-configured installation for startup. The service even recommends some themes and plug-ins for optimized hosting, good ergonomics and above all optimal efficiency. Like most dedicated WordPress hosting servers, DreamHost is easy to use. It offers the possibility of hosting by email and also offers SSL certification to reassure your visitors in terms of private data protection.

For a Starter plan which starts at 7.95 $/month, you have shared hosting and one-click installation of WordPress. For a few dollars more, 16.95 $/month, you have a super fast Cloud server and some 10,000 visitors per month, as well as pre-installed and daily WordPress backups. The Plus service offer at 24.95 $ per month also includes premium themes and a promise of 30,000 visits per month.

Try DreamHost


Pagely : our second favorite after WP Engine

Pagely is a fully WordPress-based host. Reliable, this service offers flexible hosting services even for the most complex projects.

With Pagely's premium features, you can focus on developing and improving the customer experience on your site. Pagely takes care of the rest, taking care to frame all its interventions according to your needs.

Alongside other providers who offer standard hosting solutions, Pagely wants to listen and offers itself as the guarantor of the success of all businesses whatever their field.

Pagely are powerful WordPress hosting solutions that promote digital learning and improve the brand image of every business. Offering maximum availability to its users, Pagely experts are responsive and attentive.

Our experience with Pagely is ultra-positive: their support is provided by opening tickets and is very responsive (48 hours max response time), and very attentive. Pagely provides a premium caching and CDN service, they will help you configure your DNS (you just need to shake them up a little so that they support you down to the small details), and will activate SSL very easily on your WordPress installations.

In short, if you don't have the budget for WP Engine, PageLy is the alternative that we recommend.

Try PageLy



You will have understood, I advise you if you have the budget to opt for WP Engine. They are truly the best in terms of specialized hosting for WordPress, and their support is the most responsive and attentive.

As a second option, I recommend PageLy. As a good outsider, they will be able to provide quality service at a widely accessible price.

Behind, I advise you to opt for BlueHost or SiteGround, whose prices are affordable, and the quality of service recognized in the WordPress community.

Finally, if you have good contact with French outsiders like WPServeur and O2Switch, don't hesitate to try them, they have a very good reputation.


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