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Is Akismet antispam paid? Here is a free, quick and super simple alternative

Hello everyone. If you have more or less lucrative WordPress blogs, Akismet may have “blacklisted” access to your API key in the WordPress dashboard.

Indeed, Akismet is now very careful about the following 3 conditions so that a WordPress blog can use anti-spam for free:

  • You don't have any ads on your site
  • You do not sell products or services on your site
  • You are not promoting a “business” on your site

If you do not respect these conditions, it will be 5$ / month / site. Which leaves out a large portion of bloggers who use WordPress!

Several more or less free alternative solutions exist on the web, but to make it as simple as possible, there is a way of doing things which is not only completely free, but which also takes 1 minute to set up. Additionally, this shouldn't take up too many resources on your server!

All you have to do is go to “Settings > Discussion”, then enter the keywords to blacklist.

But what keywords to enter, you ask me? This is where an ultra-charitable soul uploaded a TXT file titled “WordPress comment blacklist” which contains all the known and listed keywords used by spammers.

So all you have to do is copy and paste the terms contained in this file, then paste them into the discussion settings page in your dashboard.

And for this file to be kept constantly updated automatically, forget about copying and pasting: all you have to do is install the WordPress Blacklist Updater plugin, which will keep the list of keywords banned by WordPress how to blacklist up to date.

This measure will already be a good basis if Akismet no longer suits you.


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