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The best cash register software for shops and restaurants, all certified to the NF525 standard

meilleurs logiciels de caisse pour restaurants et boutiques

Small business, large restaurant, food truck or local café, you need a cash register which allows you to be quick in your actions, efficient and at the cutting edge of technology? Why not choose some of the most innovative cash register software here?

  1. Zelty

Zelty Caisse is a Cloud checkout solution running on iPad. Perfectly suited for managing a classic restaurant or fast-food restaurant, Zelty provides the main functionalities of a classic checkout, with additional functions such as delivery management, web ordering, promotional codes, customer loyalty. customers, etc. Space saving and ergonomics are the main advantages that Zelty brings you.

It will replace your cash register and manage multi-cash installations completely autonomously. With Zelty, you can view your sales statistics in real time from your Smartphone, laptop or PC.

Even on the move, Zelty allows you to manage your staff, your card and your customer base. And if something bad happens to your iPad or your computer, your data recorded in real time on Zelty will remain accessible as soon as you buy another one. Better yet, Zelty gives you the ability to work offline.


Finally, an advantage, and not the least, Zelty offers an order terminal on iPad (see photo above). When the customer orders, the receipt can go directly to the kitchen, while payment is made with the cashier in the dining room. A very valuable time saver during the lunch rush!


  1. Tiller Systems

Fully modular, this is the main feature that appeals so much about Tiller, this cash register solution that works on iPad. To the basic functions of a cash register, you will add with Tiller Systems, numerous optional modules from other professionals.

In addition, this application also has the particularity of running on iPhone or iPod, without unfortunately being compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. Order taking, collection, product catalog and personnel management are the main functionalities integrated into Tiller.

Added to this is a bonus functionality that differentiates it from the others, inventory management. For catering, Tiller includes management of table plans, division of notes, management of shipments to the kitchen, menu management and creation of off-card products which allows you to order and collect a single product at a specific price.

Tiller also allows you to manage orders directly, but also to restock or recruit qualified staff without moving from your chair.


  1. The tactile checkout

Retailers, restaurateurs, boutiques and restaurants opt for the touchscreen checkout for better organization at work. This touchscreen cash register allows you to make payments more easily and quickly. It registers each product or dish in a specific category to make them more accessible.

It displays payment methods directly on the screen to make it easier for the cashier to choose. Depending on the model chosen, you can also benefit from some practical options like order and delivery management, staff management, invoice tracking, inventory management, customer account management, etc. In addition, the touchscreen cash register can integrate other software adapted to each activity.


  1. Innovorder

An innovative solution developed expressly for fast food specialists, Innovorder presents itself as a reference cash register software offering both visibility for your activity, the possibility of taking an order online as well as various advanced management tools for fast food.

Innovorder offers you a personalized website in the image of your restaurant for online ordering. Innovorder is also a Smartphone application in the image of your brand on which your customers can directly place an order, pay for a service, etc. This software even allows your customers to order from a touch terminal inside your restaurant.

Very practical to avoid queuing. It is also a cash register software available on Android, offering all the functionalities of a classic checkout. In addition, you will have access to the software's backoffice to manage your menu on all platforms in just a few clicks. Your restoration data is also accessible in real time.


  1. Ikentoo

Ikentoo is an iPad checkout solution dedicated to the catering world. A high-end management system that offers features adapted to all types of activity and fully customizable.

Selling more and faster is the leitmotif of Ikentoo and this is manifested through the provision of essential functionalities such as order taking, inventory management, kitchen production, financial and operational reports in real time, personnel management, etc.

Ikentoo stands out from the competition with its ability to manage complex groups at all levels. One of the leaders in iPad cash registers, Ikentoo also has the particularity of having professional and attentive assistance.


  1. Orderbird

A technical and complete software which offers you important functionalities such as order management, collection and even the analysis of your results.

Orderbird is one of the European leaders in iPad cash registers. It provides all the functionality of a traditional cash register with the ability to control everything remotely.

Thanks to the SaaS and Base mode accessible from the editor, you will have access to tutorials and demonstrations aimed at facilitating its use. The Support function also allows you to directly access maintenance service via a phone call, sending an email or an instant message.

Orderbird takes care of all your data as well as storing the software in the Cloud.


Which ones do I recommend the most?

From experience, I particularly recommend Zelty and iKentoo if you have a small or medium-sized business. Tiller is widely used and appreciated by many concept stores, but for my part, its functionalities did not match my needs (in particular the lack of self-ordering via an order terminal).

Finally, the Rolls Royce of cash register software remains in my opinion InnovOrder, which constitutes a real support in your ordering project. And for good reason: InnovOrder prepares a complete package for you, with equipment, advice, a subscription and a state-of-the-art order terminal, with integrated credit card payment, barcode, etc.


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New shorts on Blooness 👉 By favoring fibrous carbohydrate accompaniments, we reduce the risk of long-term insulin resistance and therefore health problems.

New shorts on Blooness 👉 By favoring fibrous carbohydrate accompaniments, we reduce the risk of long-term insulin resistance and therefore health problems.

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