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The Tomtoc 360° cover, the best compromise of a bag combining style and practicality

When we have valuable electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets or accessories, adequate protection is essential. It's there that the tomtoc 360° cover comes in. This high-quality bag provides hyper-effective protection for devices, combining functionality, style and peace of mind.

This is the reason why I chose this cover to replace the classic Rains type urban backpack, seen again and again and which especially caused me to destroy my PC, because the backpack did not have interior protection.

Tomtoc official website | Tomtoc Amazon Store

Features of the tomtoc 360° cover

The cover has a rigid, shock-resistant outer shell, as well as soft interior padding to absorb shock and protect devices scratches, drops and impacts.

It is versatile, suitable for a wide range of electronic devices, including laptops, tablets, e-readers, accessories and more. It is available in different sizes to fit your device perfectly. For my part, I chose it for my Asus 16-inch laptop.

A cover with multiple storage spaces

Not only is the interior padded, making it practical for slipping in a computer, but this cover also has the advantage of having 3 storage spaces:

  • a large pouch for everything that will be a charger, mouse, wallet for example;
  • a small pocket for keys for example;
  • and finally, a pouch that can hold a mouse pad on the other side.

All made from quality, durable and water-resistant materials.

A simple and effective design

So of course, the tomtoc bag does not have a particularly original design, but all the same, it has the advantage of being minimalist, discreet, available in several colors and ultimately in keeping with the times, while still being damn practical and above all at an unbeatable price!


I found it for less than €38 on Amazon and I am satisfied with it at 100%. Furthermore, the brand which positions itself in offering practical, comfortable, pretty and accessible bags has many other bags to discover on its official website, for all sizes and all types of devices.


For my part, I was looking for reliable protection, very simple storage, an urban design and all at an affordable price, the tomtoc cover was an ideal choice. If you are looking for a good brand of bags and satchels, you should find what you are looking for both on their Amazon store and on their official store.

Tomtoc official website | Tomtoc Amazon Store


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