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Add to Home Screen WordPress Plugin

Hi! I'm happy to share with you my WordPress plugin called Add to Home Screen WP. This plugin is based on the awesome Add to Home Screen script by Matteo Spinelli from Cubiq.org. This script places a floating balloon the user to add your website inviting to home screen of its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It's a very nice function knowing the fact that few people know that they can add a website to the home screen as any iPhone or iPad application.

BuddyPress: how to remove rich text on xprofile text area

Here is a little trick for BuddyPress to remove the rich text functionalities of the editor from the xProfile text areas, like bio field for example. Add this custom code to bp-custom.php to disable the rich text:


BuddyPress Tip: How to Remove Visual Editor from Text Profile Fields

A little tip that I share with you and which is very useful on BuddyPress installations: it consists of removing the right of users of your social network to use the “rich text feature” (which includes italics, bold, etc.) in “multi-line” profile fields, such as the famous “about me” field.

These are the top 5 Web Hosting Services for WordPress

WordPress is the most used content management system for online website designers. About 30% of online internet platforms are designed with this user-friendly interface, easy to set up and to secure.

SEO advice: be carefull with automatic Browser Language Redirect!

If you are using the WPML extension on your WordPress blog and if you activated the automatic redirect depending on the visitor's language, then this will save you! Indeed, the Google Index penalizes redirects based on the browser's language of your visitor. Worse, you won't even be able to have advertising campaigns on Google Ads!


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