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I tested Merci Jack, the specialist in work and maintenance of commercial premises

Today, I wanted to share with you my test of the solution Thanks Jack, which I use for Libshop.paris.

Merci Jack is a network of craftsmen allowing entrepreneurs, VSEs, SMEs and larger structures to subcontract all technical maintenance and development work on their premises and commercial areas.



Thank you Jack does not just connect artisans and businesses. Having worked with them for a year now, it is a real support in your work and compliance issues.

Electricity, plumbing, carpentry, Thank you Jack sometimes intervenes in one day to resolve your breakdowns or to set up larger projects.

You can order Jack's services on the web, mobile web or on their application directly, and the solution even takes care of ordering the equipment in case you don't want to take care of it.

Pricing level, Merci Jack works either on demand or by subscription. For my part, I opted for the flat-rate subscription with a predefined number of hours.

I therefore chose a package based on my estimates, and I must ensure that I take advantage of their services each month because unfortunately, unused hours are not carried over from one month to the next.

Although this system can sometimes be slightly treacherous on a financial level, it nevertheless pushes managers or directors to constantly supervise the health of their premises, which allows structures to never “age badly” .

So far, I am very satisfied with their services. Their solution saves me from having to look for a specialist in each field each time, and protects me from coming across unscrupulous people.

If you want to start slowly to test, you are free to choose a limited number of hours. But as soon as you have tasted it, there is no doubt that you will want to increase your package, and say goodbye to stress when a breakdown or locksmith problem arises in one of your premises!

Particularly suitable for restaurants, Merci Jack will also delight sports halls, beauty salons and more generally all commercial or work areas, where maintenance and work issues arise.

Whether you are a chain, or a small structure, I advise you to test them.

Visit MerciJack.co to find out more. Oh and, one last thing, if you tell them that you met them thanks to me, we will receive, according to them, you and I a nice gift from them 😉


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