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Bellroy backpack: the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality

As an entrepreneur, digital nomad or simply city dweller on the move, find the ideal backpack is a quest as complex as it is crucial. Until now, we have seen almost all styles come and go, until the advent of the famous Rains backpack which has gone from an avant-garde bag to a completely mainstream fashion accessory now.

I liked this minimalist backpack for its waterproofness and its practicality, notably the fact that it did not take up much space, however I was not a fan of the leather straps which were very unpleasant in the long run, due to that there was no protection for the computer (and a broken PC as a result) and that it was not really suitable for periods of good weather.

This is where the Bellroy Melbourne Backpack (discover it here on Amazon) entered the scene. I came across this backpack by chance and it has been with me ever since. After trying several, it is in use the best backpack I have ever owned.

The Balance Between Aesthetics and Practicality

With its modern, sleek design and urban, professional aesthetic, this backpack is the perfect companion for entrepreneurs and active urbanites. Available in a variety of stylish colors, it blends harmoniously into any setting, whether it's a conference room meeting or a stroll around town. For my part, I opted for beige.

But don't just rely on its appearance. The Melbourne Backpack is designed to deliver functionality without compromise. His smart compartments allow you easily organize your daily essentials, from tech gadgets to important documents. A special padded laptop sleeve ensures your device is secure – unlike the Rains – while interior pockets make it easy to access all small items.

Comfort that Lasts

The other strong point of the bag is clearly comfort. Unlike many other backpacks, this one has padded shoulder straps, and the padded back provides additional support. The lightweight design of the backpack makes it a perfect choice for frequent trips, whether on foot, by bike or by public transport.

Bellroy, a quality brand

I didn't know the Bellroy brand at all before coming across this backpack. I also fell for a small coin purse, which does the job perfectly, most of the purses currently available on the market are too bulky for the new uses.

Bellroy also offers a diverse range of products designed to improve the lives of active city dwellers. From a sleek card holder to a minimalist wallet, every Bellroy product is designed with the same meticulous attention to detail and functionality. The range also extends to accessories such as electronics cases and travel bags, all designed to simplify and enrich your daily life.

In conclusion, the Bellroy Melbourne Backpack and the entire range of Bellroy backpacks embody the perfect balance between style and utility. Price-wise, the backpack is around €100, which is well worth it.

I invite you to explore the Bellroy range to discover a variety of products and I recommend their backpacks, in particular the Bellroy Melbourne Backpack, which you will find here on Amazon!


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