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Advertising on Facebook Ads for a dating site: how to do it?

Are you getting into the business of sites or apps or dating? This little guide that I am taking the time to write for you today will help you promote your dating solution. Because once your site is online and is ready to defeat Tinder and other Meetic, you still need to make it known! And Facebook Ads represents a good opportunity, but fraught with pitfalls.

Indeed, the social network with 2.23 billion active users each month is very careful about dating advertisers. Especially since he himself plans to release his own dating solution shortly. We will therefore have to show our credentials. Here is the procedure to follow, without any guarantee of results!

Step 1: check that your dating solution complies with Facebook rules

Facebook has drawn up a list of very clear and binding conditions.

Two types of dating services are categorically refused by Facebook:

  • Meetings for adults: everything that is a libertine site, etc…
  • Dating focused on mail order brides: everything related to marriage with Russian women via the Internet, etc.

The ad must not contain:

  • Pixelated or blurry images
  • Selfie-like images
  • Text insinuating that people are going to meet or communicate with each other (sic!)
  • Fictitious text that leads the prospect away. Example: “5 women have already researched you!” ".
  • Text insinuating a relationship between Facebook Messenger and your site.
  • Text referring to specific ages or age groups


Step 2: apply to become a dating services advertiser

To do this, there is a form to fill out. Be sure to fill out each field precisely, being as transparent and clear as possible. The goal for Facebook is to verify that your site is not a scam, and that users will pay for a real service. Finally, you will need to provide them with the credentials of a user account so that they can connect to your site.

Click here to fill out the form.


Step 3: Run a Compliant Facebook Ad for Dating Services

To ensure your targeting complies with Facebook policies, you must follow the instructions below when creating your audience.

  • In Ads Manager, create an ad and navigate to the ad set to define your audience.
  • Click the text box next to Detailed Targeting. Search for “single,” then select Single > Dating Status and Unspecified > Dating Status.
  • Then click Refine Audience under the Detailed Targeting section. Search for “dating” and select Interests > Family & Relationships > Dating.
  • Look for any other interests you would like to add, such as hobbies.

For those who would use the API, go directly to Facebook help where the procedure is explained.

With these three conditions met, you should normally benefit from Facebook's firepower to make your advertisements.

Good luck in your business!


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