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Test and review on Boomr: the all-in-one solution for managing your employees' working time

test avis boomr gerer temps de travail

I personally used Boomr, a time clock and working time management solution, to manage my teams of delivery people and multi-skilled servers at different points of sale. Here is my feedback.

Both company managers, employees and freelancers can use Boomr on a daily basis to manage their working time and that of their colleagues. This all-in-one work time tracking solution is so easy to use that it's suitable for anyone who wants to quantify time spent working, regardless of their field.

For companies, Boomr is a good solution for tracking working hours, and serves as a very practical badge reader.

[info]Note: This test is part of a comparison of planning and working time solutions, the summary of which you will find here.[/info]


Boomr in brief

Boomr is a working time and attendance management system essentially based on a mobile app. Very practical for companies that collaborate with remote partners or who own more than one business site, the application is accessible to the admin as well as to the rest of the employees.

They can then freely access it from their Smartphone, receive real-time notifications for break times or when overtime approaches.

Boomr admin

Employers, for their part, can create positions, track their employees' paid leave and receive detailed reports on each workday.

Boomr is a very practical tool which is very easy to use. It's even the simplest work time management tool I've tested.

When your employee starts work, they log in to their application or to the badge machine located at the workplace. As such, it is even possible to choose a geographic location, which means that presence will only be validated if the employee is actually at the workplace (if the option is activated by the admin).

You can also configure, as an admin, the choice to let the employee clock in and out directly from their smartphone, or to only authorize check-in and check-out via the collective badge machine, in order to check that your employees are showing up at the workplace.

This collective badge reader will simply be an iPad and Android tablet, which you will leave available to your teams, and on which you will have installed the Boomr badge reader application.

Boomr has the advantage of working on several devices (iPad, Smartphone, desktop PC, Android), which allows employees to easily access it whatever their devices.

For the business manager, it allows you to keep an eye on the activities of all collaborations in real time. It saves a lot of time when managing payroll and generates an extremely precise report. To do this, simply validate all the shifts carried out by your employees, then click on “Reports”:

In terms of delays, Boomr can send you notifications in real time if a user has not shown up on time.

Boomr also allows you to plan shifts, and therefore create some sort of schedules, but this is a feature that I have not personally tried.

This solution also allows you to send messages to your colleagues.

Compared to other time tracking software available in the market, Boomr is cheap. As a user, you can benefit from a reduction of 20% if you pay for the year in one go. Cancellation is possible at any time and free of charge. Additionally, Boomr offers a first month of free service to all its users.

Finally, in the event of a problem, a support service is available 24/7.


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