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These are the top 5 Web Hosting Services for WordPress

WordPress is the most used content management system for online website designers. About 30% of online internet platforms are designed with this user-friendly interface, easy to set up and to secure.

You are looking for the best WordPress hosting service for your website? I put together a list of the 5 best web hosting services for WordPress on the market, based on my personal experience: I tried them all!


WP Engine: my favorite one

WP Engine is the top range hosting solution available on the market. From $35 monthly, you will be able to host your first WordPress installation, with up to 25.000 visits monthly, and a 50 GB bandwith together with CDN and SSL.

What is great about WP Engine is that there can be a significant traffic on your website without bugs or slowdowns thanks to powerful servers which can adapt to wide traffic changes. There also are upper solutions, to host an increased traffic and even more websites: for example « Growth », 115$ monthly, allowing to host up to 5 websites and to have up to 100.000 visits a month.

WP Engine also enables you to backup your website daily and guarantees the best data securing. It also allows you to have a staging environment to develop and improve your WordPress without modifying the online version. Once you are done with your development work, you only have to deploy the staging version to the live one! It is very convenient for beginning coders.

Only downsides: some unauthorized plugins, bugs with the web cache particularly when using front-end cookies (I had to deal with it) but easily identified and corrected if you ask them for help.

Once evaded these defects, you will have the best WordPress hosting service ever: their solution is all about WordPress, which makes it the expert for WordPress.

What I like most about WP Engine is their support. Available 24/7 with a chat, their engineers listen to your needs and answer your questions in a record time. I have never seen more available support in hosting services, in either generalist or WordPress experts.

Finally, I host with WP Engine quite complex sites, some of them have a social network layer with the BuddyPress extension and lots of members. But the performances remain very satisfying. So if you don’t want to take performance risks, choose WP Engine without a doubt.

Try WPEngine


PageLy, my second favorite

My experience with Pagely is VERY positive and that is why it comes in second for WordPress hosting services. Their support is rather reactive (48h tops to get an answer) and works with ticket opening. Then, the engineers are more or less attentive, you just need to insist a bit for them to help you if you are having trouble with something.

There is a premium cache and CDN service, and they will help you set up it, as well as your DNS and SSL certificate.

Prices are very variable depending on what your project is. As for me, I approximately pay $149 a month for 4 websites knowing that 2 have a significant audience (news website).

Try PageLy


DreamHost, recommended by WordPress

Specifically recommended by WordPress, DreamHost is one of the most complete hosting service with VPS and dedicated, shared hosting solutions.

This hosting solution does meet all the requested criterias because it offers updates that directly meet the users’ needs and a pre setup installation.

The service even recommends you some themes and plugins for an optimized hosting, ergonomy and best efficiency. Just like most of hosting servers dedicated to WordPress, DreamHost is user-friendly, offers a hosting solution by e-mail and an SSL certificate to reassure your visitors as regards data protection.

For a Starter package, from $7,95 /month, you get the shared hosting and WordPress in one click. With a few dollars more, $16,95/month, you get a very fast Cloud server and about 10.000 visitors monthly, as well as preinstalled and daily WordPress backups. The Plus package to $24.95 also includes Premium themes and promises 30.000 visits/month.

Try DeamHost


WPServeur: the French outsider

WP Serveur is a hosting platform only for WordPress, WPServeur offers a quick and functional service: « We only host WordPress but we do it well! »

With WP Serveur, you will enjoy very powerful and completely dedicated servers, advanced tools and a permanent support with WordPress experts.

You will be able to focus on what matters in your website: contents. This hosting solution offers a total setup as well as several optimized acceleration solutions. For a secured WordPress with the best plugins, WP Serveur is an ideal solution.

Try WPServeur


BlueHost: One of the most competitive ones

BlueHost is one of the major hosting solutions, with over 2 millions domains in the world.

What users like most about BlueHost is how easily it is to access and to use WordPress, even for beginners. You can install WordPress with one click on this platform and it also offers a wide range of themes and plugins very easy to install as well.

BlueHost also features exclusive options such as SiteLock Pro for an optimized security against malwares.

Just like DreamHost, BlueHost is recommended by WordPress. The first package only costs $2,95 a month, including the domain name, the SSL certificate and the 24/7 assistance: a knock-down price.

But with a most advance package amounting to $19,99$ a month, you get up to 100 million visits monthly (that is something!) and a 30GB storage. Performances increase with the WP Ultimate plan at $49,99 a month, with a 240 GB storage and unlimited visits.

If you are seeking the best value for money, BlueHost is perfect for you!

Try BlueHost


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