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Our best ideas come in the shower

Many of us, entrepreneurs, managers, artists, creators and do-it-yourselfers are sometimes lacking inspiration. Blank page syndrome. The anxiety of a creative routine.

But there is a place where your creativity can be stimulated: the shower! Wait and see…

One of the most intimate places in the world

In the shower, you are most likely naked and you don’t hide anything. There is no mask, no role to play, no dressing style, no character, no glasses, no shell.

If life is a theater, in the shower, you are finally all alone. This intimacy brings you closer to yourself, closer to the one you really are, without possible cheating.

Yet this is precisely when you are freed from any constraint, in the most complete intimacy, that you are closest to your true self. And that is when you are the most creative. The intimate and uplifting effect of the shower could almost be compared to a drug releasing dopamine.


That is exactly when, out of the blue, your creativity will be triggered.

In the shower, you can not be called or requested

If you take your shower alone, which happens most of the time, this is not only an intimate place, but it is also a place without any notification, call or external signal. You usually can not hear what is happening outside, and you can not use your stupid phone that is probably giving you unimaginative inspirations anyway.

Indeed, we are invaded everyday with information, pictures, Instagram posts that are spotlighting their authors in such a way that it is actually depressing for you. But in the shower, none of that. Anything that could be depressing or a complex to you, or anything that could make you think that « everything has been done » is just not there with you.

You are protected by a giant rain halo falling on your naked shoulders, you are in an intimate, sacred, relaxing and… inspiring universe!

The sound of the shower is inspiring

This continuous and fresh sound often comes with water vapor. This tropical atmosphere relaxes and inspires you. The nice and relaxing feeling of water combined with its sound is a great brain simulator.

The relieving feeling AND the high degree of motivation when you come out of the shower are the best evidence.

Without anyone judging you, showering boosts your creativity

With no external calls or anyone looking at you, the shower is the place where you can let your creative thinking free. That is when you can sing, talk to yourself, imagine dialogues, entreprise projects, or…. ideas for articles and posts!

Less is more

Keep in mind that shower is not environmental-friendly, and you should not overuse it. Also be careful with the emotions and pleasure it gives you because right after the wave of euphoria might come an intense feeling of discouragement and demotivation.


To avoid this and to stay in a boosted state of mind that will enable you to actually implement the crazy idea you had in the shower, I advise you not to use your smartphone or to go on social networks right after showering because it could prevent you from playing music, writing a chapter or starting a report you should have submitted weeks ago to your boss.

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