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Discover Smiirl, the Real-Time Facebook and Instagram Like Counter

Increase your visibility by displaying the number of likes and followers in real time and check your flow with Smiirly, the new social media counter, accurate to the nearest second. What is it? How to use it? Why use it? Here comes our focus on the must-have product among newest technological innovations.

What is Smiirl?

Smiirl is a real-time like and follower counter. It was specially designed for shops, convenience stores and any facility in which people go everyday. Smiirl enables them to grow their social media fame and to increase their sales.


The counter works with Facebook and Instagram. It automatically updates as you have new followers. It will act as an incentive generating a wave of new likes on your Facebook posts.


How does it work?

Specialized engineers conceived Smiirl and gave it a sophisticated design. They used their expertise to build this “magical” counter which works through WiFi access and electrical connection. No need to check it thoroughly: it will automatically record each new like or follower the second they occur.


Why should you use it?

Thanks to Smiirl, no need to check your Facebook page over and over again nor to keep an eye on an Instagram post. Just connect the counter in a corner of a room, where everyone can see it, in your shop, and let your customers enjoy the benefits themselves, which is another very innovative marketing strategy to attract new prospects into your community.

For companies, Smiirl also happens to be an indisputably convenient tool to visualize a specific data. It will motivate the whole team to reach specific goals and to assess their progress in real time.


How much does it cost?

For only 299 euros, you can buy a standard counter (with 5 figures) and see in real time how many Instagram followers you have or how many fans on your Facebook page.

If you want to invest into a customized model (displaying up to 7 figures), prices can rise to 349 euros, but besides the main feature, you will also be able to display your own data, your logo if you buy it online, via their API.


Where to buy Smiirl, Real-Time Facebook and Instagram Like Counter?

On their official website!


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