Opinion: is authenticism the new trend?

Advertizing, communication, strategy: what if authenticism and back to basics were the new hobbyhorse for brands? In response to the feeling of the destruction of nations and to the damages caused by globalization, in a global move towards « back to basics », consumers are increasingly in need of direction and differentiation. After the standardization of ways […]

Twitter to Google+: cross-post your tweets to Google Plus with TwooglePlus

Just wanted to share with you this awesome tool called TwooglePlus, that provides an online service to cross-post your tweets to your GooglePlus circles. There are settings to choose what circles you want to reach with your tweets, and synchronize multiple Twitter accounts with your GooglePlus account. Very useful if you want to promote your […]

Feedburner removes Socialize feature: how to retrieve it ?

As you can see, Google Feedburner has removed Socialize feature from its left menu on Feedburner account. Webmasters and bloggers hope that it’s not a permanent change because this tool is very useful for those who want to link their RSS feed to their Twitter account. The link has been removed, but hopefully not the […]

Who’s retweeted me on twitter ?

Since the latest update of twitter, the tab of RT has been removed. In fact, your retweeted tweets are now in « @ » tab (mentions). However, if you just want to display only your retweeted tweets, tape this URL : http://twitter.com/#!/retweeted_of_mine