BuddyPress : how to remove rich text on xprofile text area

Here is a little trick for BuddyPress to remove the rich text functionnalities of the editor from the xProfile text areas, like bio field for example. Add this custom code to bp-custom.php to disable the rich text: [code] /*———-*/ /* REMOVE rich text on xprofile text area /*———-*/ function antipole_remove_rich_text( $field_id = null ) { […]

BuddyPress – Create an automatic country dropdown list in profile field

Are you looking for a function that imports all countries of the world to a BuddyPress profile field called « Country » ? This code is for you. Consider that you open an international BuddyPress social network and you want let your users select their country. It’s annoying to manually add countries one by one. The solution […]

Snippet: make BuddyPress private, restrict members directory and profiles to members only

Are you looking for a little plugin to make your BuddyPress private, and restrict your social network to members only? If yes, this snippet is for you. With this function, the non logged user who tries to access to BuddyPress social network (members directory or profile) is redirect to the BuddyPress registration. function sqr_prevent_search_guest_user() { […]