Our network has more than 3 million page views per month, tens of thousands of loyal users and more than 35 different topics.

Due to the fact that our websites are edited and updated with a lot of passion, whole virtual communities have been created, which participate actively to the evolution of their content. We base our online strategy on user generated content, which generates a virtuous circle of content creation and unparalleled growth of our websites. By choosing your network you will get to the true opinion leaders of the web in numerous different topics and you will communicate on creative and dynamic platforms.


Inform, advise, accompany.

Because we love a job well done, we never let a customer get lost on the web. We take our time on each objective and inform the client about what we are doing, and why we are doing it. Working with us means learning, but also flying using your own wings.


Dynamic and actual websites

The majority of our websites are news portals that lead to the creation of virtual communities. Their dynamic character offers a platform for your online campaigns that is knowledgeable about the current trends. Every day on our websites there are at least 60 000 visitors who share the news that we put at their disposal on social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and talk about our content in their entourage.

Putting it another way, the daily updating of our network and its constantly renewed user base enable your campaigns to be in the centre of the news and of the social networks, targeting an initiated audience and opinion leaders.


A unique access point to approximately 2 million people in France and in the world, spread over more than 35 topics!

Our network distinguishes itself not only through its vivacity and through the number of monthly visitors, but also through our thematization work. Our databases have precise information regarding the age, activity, interests and gender of our users. Our thematic websites are divided into sub-themes and if you choose to display your campaigns on our network you will have the choice between all these topics (sports, media, automobiles, general, glamour, masculine etc…) that are related to your target group.


A bridge towards the world and towards novel target markets

Apart from the French audience, we assign great importance to the development of efficient platforms abroad. For example, some of our websites propose solutions for geo-localized advertising, because their content targets a large number of users from different English-speaking countries.

Furthermore, we also offer very innovative niche solutions that are successful for European users of Arab origin, as well as for Maghreb or Middle-Eastern countries. As a matter of fact, our websites targeting this target market represent indisputable references in the Arab world.


Check out the different websites that make up our network.

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