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We propose bloggers to write articles about your brand

Together we select a number of influential bloggers and web magazines and submit them your product. This is a way to establish a partnership and a relationship based on confidence with the websites that will communicate about your brand. We can organize events where bloggers and web journalists will be invited or we can send them samples of your product. We collect their first impressions and invite them to express their opinions about your product on their blog, as well as on their social network (Twitter, Facebook, etc…).

This novel procedure doesn’t intend to replace traditional advertising campaigns, it is a way of backing up the marketing campaign by making people talk about your brand through opinion leaders, which will also give you a better referencing on the different search engines.

What can be more reassuring for a client than typing your brand’s name on Google and finding articles praising your merits?


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Publishing videos with a high potential to go viral on our blog network in order to create a springboard effect.

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, viral videos are very much in fashion right now. This online procedure consists of creating a video, sometimes with an amateur appearance and no mention of a brand, but nonetheless with a high potential for word-of-mouth publicity.

The idea is to generate enough buzz so that the video will be shared from websites to social networking sites, to blogs and forums, to make people talk about you, short-term or long-term.

This procedure has already proven itself and all big advertising agencies are using it. Why not you too?


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Publish your advertising banners through affiliation, per click or per CPM on the websites of your choice.

You can choose the promotional banners that you wish to publish and the websites on which you would like to promote yourself. Afterwards you can monitor the statistics and the number of clicks in real time.


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Personalizing other websites’ backgrounds by displaying your brand or product through a big image or a Flash animation. Guaranteed visibility!

Here are some examples of clickable background ads that we set up for some advertisers:

Promotion through a clickable wallpaper is one of the most efficient tools when it is done on a niche website or websites with very high traffic levels.

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